Connecting passengers stats

Hi there,
I know the scheduling section of a flight gives you the data for connecting pax to own network and to external network.
Is there a way to find out where these people are coming from ?
I would like to increase the size of the own network and take away people from external network. I know the numbers will change to my favor as I add more destinations but if there is a single(or two ) airports that I use external connections, I’d like to add my next destination to that airport instead of using a different criterium.


I don’t believe there is any way to know specifically where they come from or where they go to.

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There are no statistics to tell you the destinations.

You can check the other way round, ie for return. For example if you operate SIN-DXB-SIN and want to check out what is the connection ex-DXB, you can check what is the connecting stat for DXB-SIN instead, provided that the connectivity both way is the same. (Assume both ways ORS is the same as well).

For example there are several routes FCO-DXB, LHR-DXB, ARN-DXB all can connect to your DXB-SIN. Then, pay attention to your book load at the time of when FCO/LHR/ARN demand is calculated. You can roughly get a estimation.