Connection Issues

Hi, I have 10 or so cargo aircraft operating out of EWR on quimby (I'm JSW Air), and have set up a wave, for them to arrive around 4.20, and all depart around 6.20. This would provide lots of connections. 

In the connection analyser, not all of my connections are displayed. Some are, and the ones that don't show are on the same time basis (same arrival and departure times) as those that do show. 

Why could this be?

For example, here's a schedule for one of my aircraft operating between anchorage and newark. As you can see it leaves at 6.20 every day, and arrives at 04.06 (then 75 mins of turnover time)



Here's another of my aircrafts schedules, leaving for Seattle at 6.20. 



In the connection analyser for the flight from Anchorage to Newark (arriving 4.06), you'd expect to see an outbound connection to Seattle (leaving 6.20, thats 2hr14mins connection time), am I correct?

However, here is the connection analyser for that flight, and it's not there.


quimby 2.jpg

This is just an example and occurs the same in a few other cases.

Well, ANC - EWR - SEA is not a legal connection, distance-wise. ORS will NOT calculate connections, whose total distance is more than 2.5x direct distance, which on this case is ANC - SEA. This connection will not be booked into ORS as a connection, only as two single flights.

Having said that, I do not know if connection analyzer also takes into account distance legality the same way as ORS does, but from what you posted it looks it does, and it looks connection analyzer will not display illegal connections.

Ahhhhh. Missed the concept of distance inhibiting connections, that'll explain it. Cheers.

Wait. So in AS, a connection flight which took 2.5 times its direct flight is consider as illegal connections?

Even if there is no direct or shorter flight for that connection route?

Trying to gain some information, here. hehe. :D

I do have some freight on a flight from Hong Kong to Mumbai and connecting onward to Wuhan in central China. Even though there are direct connections. At least it must be, as in the Flight Information I have 47 CU to an ext. connection. The only interlining I have in Mumbai is with an airline that flies only to WUH from there.

It does not make sense for me at all, but I'm happy to fly that cargo twice around the world if the client pays... :D

But I doubt that this would work for Pax as well.