Crew Mood

I started my airline a couple of weeks ago. Today, I found out that all of my crew's mood are down. I've tried increasing salary but it doesn't go up. Should I wait a week for it to be effective? How do I get their mood in the green bars again? Any help?..Thanks

The Mood only changes once a week when your staff is being paid. So yes, you need wo wait a week and i recommend you set the salary to the maximum and try to get to 5green bars as quickly as possible. After that you can set the salary slightly above average so that you maintain the good ratings.

why do so many people recommend setting the salary to the maximum at the beginning, when exactly at the beginning you (in my logical mind) need every cent for expansion?

Mainly because it's only a temporary tactic, and works out to be cheaper when you have fewer staff in the beginning compared to many staff later in the game, and are waiting for your bank balance to increase enough to put down a deposit on another aircraft.


allow me to give you two more reasons...

If you have 100 staff members, paying everybody double salaries will hardly increase the country average if there are already other airlines. So the other airlines will not see their staff mood plummet down when you increase your salaries.

And if you don't worry about the others, think about your own airline image. Airline image is built upon every flight your airline has done. Flying with low staff mood for a year, means you drag these low figures with you for ages.



ok, i get your point. so what would be a good ratio (vs. country average) to improve staff mood as quickly as possible?


if you start with a neutral staff mood and if country average is not driven up yet, you only have to pay them one double salary and staff mood will be at 5 green bars.

You don't know if the country average is high or low ? Well, salary works a bit like ticket prices. You cannot pay more than standard salary + 100%. Even if you enter a ridiculously high salary, the system will set it back to default + 100%. The most you can pay a purser is 980 dollar. If country average is 490, your staff mood will jump to 5 green bars after salaries are paid. If the country average is already 600 dollar, you paying the pursers 980 dollar may only give you 4 green bars after one week.



ok thx!

I have same kind of problem here. My staff mood is 5 red bars, and I've been paying them about 15% to 25% over the country average now for about 5 months and mood just stays still. Only my few 787 pilot's mood is on green side. All other staff show's the green arrow up, but nothing happens. Been raising the salary a little bit week by week. On my other airlines the mood is going up and fast. Any advice?

A little bit above average won’t do much. If it’s all the way in the red, you need several weeks paying twice the country average to raise it. Once it’s at 5 green bars you can lower it back to slightly above average to keep the mood stable.

Okay, going to try that. Thanks.

does the "country average" of my crew's salaries solely depend on the salaries of all other airlines having their headquarters in my country?


the country average has some "dead mass". You could imagine it as an extra (not existing) airline, that pays standard salaries.

If you are the only airline in a country, and you raise salaries by 10%, the country average may only go up by 5%. Mind you, I don't know how big that "dead mass" is. If you have a big airline, increasing salaries by 10% may increase the country average by 8%.


alright, so a single airline cannot really solely determine the country average salary.