Customer loyalty

Hi everyone.

I am quite new to AS. Even though I first created my account years ago, only now I am trying to seriously understand the game.

My question is whether customer loyalty exists as a concept within the game. Do potential passengers choose which flight to book based on past habit? For example, if one airline has been running flights between two airports for a period of time, and then a second airline chooses to operate the same route, does the airline running that route first have any advantages in terms of passenger choice?

Thanks in advance!

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Essentially, no. Every passenger evaluates their choice of connection from scratch every day.

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Thanks! That also answers something else I was wondering - whether demand was each day or each week. But if the demand is evaluated each day, then that makes sense.

Hey, welcome back to the game :slight_smile: Yes, each airport calculates its passenger demand once a day - if you’re interested, you can find the specific time on the airport’s information page under “Demand Calculation”. At that time, your flight will be compared to the other available flights and passengers will book their tickets.