Dedicated cargo or CC?

Having never really run cargo flights I was wondering if someone knows whether or not a dedicated cargo plane is rated higher than the convertibles?

Also is the Dash8 400CC which has a dedicated cargo portion considered a convertible with seats or does the whole plane have to be cargo to be a ‘dedicated freighter’? ie the dash8 is like any other passenger plane but with a big cargo section.

The latter.
Better ratings are for dedicated freighters only. A convertible without seats is a dedicated freighter too. I take it you meant combi, not convertible.

Thank you that clarifies it nicely :slight_smile:

I for some reason thought that the Dash8 would have a bonus to the freight side because it was designed specifically to haul as a combi type plane. Good to know its not the equal of dedicated freighter.

Great question. Why? Wouldn’t be it fair if combi freighters like the MD11Combi or the 747-400M would get at least some kind of “dedicated” freighter bonus (maybe like 3 bars instead of 5).

Might be an easy fix?

based on martin response to my post, probably no