Demand in cities with different airports

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I’ve been playing AS for a while, but I have a doubt I’d appreciate someone could help me with… If there are several airports within the same city, passenger demand will only be based on real life demand between each of the airports and a given destination? e.g. Let’s say in reality there is a strong demand for flights between Heathrow and Moscow, but no flights between Gatwick and Moscow (or any other London airport). Will Gatwick share some portion of the demand of passengers between London and Moscow, or all traffic will go through the real gateway for that kind of traffic?


I am not sure about your first question… passenger demand is based on real life data, but I remember reading that airports in one city are not fully differentiated. That could mean there is also demand between Gatwick and Moscow in the game, even if there are only flights from Heathrow in real life.

The second question refers to the ground network. If the game has no demand between Gatwick and Moscow, passengers from Heathrow may use the ground network and travel from Gatwick to Moscow. But ground traffic counts as an extra leg, and a low rated one. If there is a direct flight between LHR and DME, it would be difficult for your flight to compete with that direct flight.


So you are saying that it doesn’t matter if i make my routes from Paris Beauvais (BVA) or Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to other france cities? They would fill up same as the demand is counted for the city not airport?

I have two routes CMN - CDG and CMN - ORY in my game world and both of them fly full…so i assume that the demand is seperate for each airport.

unfortunately, it is not a city/region that generates a demand but a particular airport. any other passengers you get have travelled via the ground network, which as mentioned above gives you a low ORS rating

That’s what I feared, but thanks for the answers.

One follow-up question: I recall seing somewhere that cultural links or being the capital of a country somehow improve the demand on a specific route between countries or within the own country? Is that so? In that case, how does that work with secondary airports? Ie. will you have a higher demand in a PAris/BVA to MArseille flight thatn in real life you would just because it is an airport in Paris? OR BVA-CMN for instance? Or that just works for the main airports in each city?


Charles de Gaulle has twice the passenger demand of Beauvais, so I would be highly surprised if demand would be the same

I replied to a question about routes/destinations, not about passenger demand in absolute numbers… In real life, one airport may serve more domestic or regional destinations, while another airport in the same city serves more long haul and intercontinental destinations. Or another airport is the hub of a low cost carrier and serves a lot of holiday destinations. In the game airports in the same city are not fully differentiated. So in the game Gatwick may well have it’s share of passengers that want to travel to Moscow, even though in reality there may not be any flights between Gatwick and Moscow.

The same goes for Moscow. DME may have more international flights than SVO, but in the game they may each get their share of international traffic. At least, that’s what I read here. Don’t remember for sure if it was SK who shared that information, but he can correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for the help. Really appreciated.