Demand ratings update for the remaining servers

Hey there. I haven’t played on one of the “older” servers, meaning those that were started before the demand ratings were updated to finally allow for more realistic cabin configurations.

My question is: have any of the older servers gotten this update yet? And if not, will this happen in the foreseeable future?


I’m not sure what exactly is meant.
As you talk about the “realistic cabin configuration”, I guess you mean the ORS-Update, where the ratings of flights are calculated differently to the “old way”.

Today, that is only introduced with new servers - and these new servers all had been temporary servers (like Otto, Bleriot, Quimby,…).
I think all servers starting in the future will come with that patch, but the “old” servers won’t get an update regarding the ORS. Imagine what would happen: All airlines on the old servers (some of them dealing with thousands of aircrafts) would have to re-configure their cabins - a pretty costly thing.
Players that don’t react on that update will probably have empty airplanes after 3 days (… and go bankrupt after days/weeks).

Hope that helps.

Yeah, thanks.

I don’t, however, see what the problem would be with updating the old servers. If anything, those airlines’ ratings would go up, no?

I’m also not quite sold on the argument, that adjusting the seating is that expensive. It’s not nothing, but it’s definitely doable in a week or maybe two. And if the update is announced two or three weeks ahead of time, there should be no complications.

I just think it would be a big improvement over what we have now, and I don’t see it as something anyone wouldn’t want.

It is more work to do than you can imagine. That’s why most likely it will not be introduced to the old servers.
Imagine, you have to change the setup for 10.000 planes - see Pearls, one players is flying that many planes. Not only you have to change the seats but also adjust prices and so on. You may also remember the announcement of slot blocking precautions - weeks of shouting. This was not funny.
Let’s wait for a new server. Or if you want, you can start on a private world like Halifax - we have the new ORS.

Thanks for your insight.

Meh, I guess maybe I’m looking at it from a biased standpoint, but I still don’t see it as so problematic. What was the slotblocking thing?

Do you think there’ll be a long-term server with the new ORS?

Private server eh? … That sounds expensive :sweat_smile:

Many regional planes were forbidden to fly between 10 bar airports. That was the slotblocking thing. You may search for it on the forum, you can read for days.
A private server costs 360 EUR per month and 25 players can join. That makes it not expensive for each player. :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, that’s the slotblocking story. That’s been a whiiiiile ago. I must not have been active in the forum when that happened, because I can’t remember any kind of uproar.

So that’s about 14€/player then?

Most of those discussions were indeed in the German part of the forum.
14,40 EUR per player if 25 players joined. We pay 20-22 EUR per month on Halifax at the moment.

Ratings would go red unless prices would be lowered, but that would kill your revenues.

So you’d need to re-configure.

Costs for the cabin certainly isn’t a factor, as the required dollars usually should be earned in few days.

But here are some problems to consider:

  1. fleets with big seats often use Light/BGW aircraft variants and would need a change to Heavy/HGW to cope with increasing payloads or switch to other types
  2. airlines that operate at the edge of payload/range with heavy/HGW variants would need to look for other types which possibly wouldn’t fit into schedule (cruise speed/turnaround) or are simply unavailable

All this would let you run into either

  • type size restrictions
  • production queues of several years
  • loss of slots
    or - in case one would make it - would result in massive overcapacities which smaller airlines in the way of big ones probably wouldn’t survive.

For my airlines that would mean a production queue for roundabout two years, several airlines to be deleted as there wouldn’t be a workaround and lots of work for the CEO - while money wouldn’t matter.
Personally, I consider the “new ORS” to not justify such havok as it is only a little tweak to an existing flaw. Things would be different would ratings and demand distribution receive a massive patch too.


What about new airports and airport database updates? Do you think we can see these changes on old servers?

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That is the plan. But it seems to take longer than announced.

Can someone please explain what this relative demand ratings thing actually does? Is it intended to kill the low-density model that some airlines use? Or does it do something else?

Retrofitting 1000s of planes and changing pricing for 10,000s of flights would be virtually impossible. I’d have to buy new planes due to lack of range in cramped Y conditions.

It just changes the demand on some routes. It does not effect the ORS, only the amount of PAX that want to fly the route.

Don’t confuse this thread (about the tweaked ORS) with new relative demand that was rolled out yesterday.

Aktuell beobachte ich zb das die Langstrecke total einbricht. In China ging auf Kaitak schon sehr sehr wenig und jetzt geht null… Alle Flüge sind bei nur 55 % Preis nur zu 20 % Ausgebucht. Und das Aufkommen soll real sein? das es von PVG oder PEK kein Flug nach LAX mit einer B787 geht? Sorry für mich sieht es so aus als wenn man sich den alten Servern entledigen will und dies damit beschleunigt

Auf Riem bricht jetzt die Cargo Auslastung auf fast allen Routen ein - ein paar wenige unbedeutende kurzstrecken gehen noch. Das ist nicht Agex geschuldet. Mit Agex Schwankungen sind es rund 55% gewesen ( mal davon abgesehen das es bei Cargo eigentlich aufwärts gehen müsste ) - jetzt sinds mal eben 8% Gesamt runter gegangen. Manche Routen haben -40% !!

So verliert man als Jahrelanger Kunde einfach den Spaß - kämpfen bringt da bald nix mehr. Wenn die wenigsten Kunden die z.B. auf Riem noch spielen und sicher spaß haben jetzt nochmals des Spaßes beraubt werden sollte man manche Server wirklich zu machen oder am Konzept arbeiten. Es beschwert sich doch niemand wenn Flieger halbwegs voll sind und man Gewinn machen kann - es beschwert sich aber jeder wenn er trotz viel Arbeit kein Land sehen kann.

I am sorry this is a english thread. so i am trying to put my thoughs in also in english

On Riem the Load Factor for Cargo is is dropping significantly on almost all routes - only a few short routes make a change upwards. This is not related to the low agex. with the agex drops my load factor has been 55 % (not to mention that cargo should go up right now not down) - right now it’s easy -8% overall load factor and many routes have -40% !!

You are going to lose the last longterm Members that lost the fun they had been investing the last years. when the last members that are paying lose their fun now - you can close the servers or get a new concept. nobody says anything bad when the load factor is good but a lot of people will leave and lose their tension when nothing is going to work out

Se situation on a private world. Cargo went down over 8% within a week.
Write a ticket or email to support please. There must be something wrong. Nothing to do with Agex as this value is climbing.

The change is :

-22 % in sales
-12 % in transported units
-12 % load factor

-400.000 units less transported
this is not a patch is a nightmare !!!

If you are talking about your main cargo it is a bit less than 340.000FE less to be precise, but of course your numbers mos propably will go done this week too. But the patch is not generally reducing the demand as other freight operators increased, Niche Cargo added 87.000FE for example. To me it does not look like a general reduction in freight demand, it is comparable to the passenger change where I also loose a lot of demand on numerous routes while on others there are chances to expand. So you need to find the routes that are fuller, expand those and ty to understand the cargo flow and why a competitor gains while you loose. Then you will be able to gain old strengh again, but of course it will cost a lot of time, especially on slot critical airports, like always when the demand figures change. And once you are done the airport demand figures will be updated and you may start all over again… That is the way it is and I personally would have appreciated if these two patches would have been implemented at the same time.

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We might want to split the discussions in this thread.
The TO was about the updated ORS while most of the discussion here seems to be about last weeks “relative demand” update.

I guess your airline was mostly built around exploiting direct demand between the “big” destinations, probably neglecting a clear hub/spoke system to generate conections.
The relative demand aims at getting away from unreal blown up demand between the big cities.
ANC, MEM, LEJ … are real live hubs with huge supply (!!) which was translated into demand for AS due to lacking actual demand data (there is none).
The patch is trying to mathematically lessen the affects of this.
Of course I’d expect AS airlines to cater direct demand to be hit by this patch while those with a clean hub/wave structure to benefit.
Instead of flying cargo from/to those airports, the aim should be to use them as via’s just like in real live. (ANC transfers Asia <-> North Am., LEJ is DHL, MEM is FedEx…)

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