Direct Demand from TLV

Hello Everyone,

Would you mind sharing your experience in playing from TLV?

There is basically zero direct demand to EU ports, and only places that give passengers at start are Larnaca and Amman :)

What would be best starting strategy for this port?

Thanks in advance!

Kiev is usually quite good as well at the start.

I presume you have already got ETH and OVD?

As above, Kiev is good, along with Moscow, IST & SAW. 

I don't know what server you are in therefore what the competitive environment is like but it may also be possible to start DEL/BOM to feed your connections to Europe.

Try ADD too. 

From what I know, Cairo (CAI) is a big destination, especially since Egypt allows Israeli airlines to fly there. That market might saturated already, though.

Best of luck,