Disgruntled staff

I dropped the salaries of my underworked network planners by a teensy AS$10 a week - now I’m regretting it. Their satisfaction ratings dropped through the floor, and even though I put the salaries back up again, they’re still in a lousy mood over a week later, and the entire average mood is still in the red - and it’s showing up on every flight.

How long until I can expect to see my hundreds of workers whistling cheerfully on their way to the office every day?

you must pay about 10 to 20% above country avarage, than you will get about one bar up per week

if you pay only average you can wait until you die

Yes I have noticed this thing as well, the staff is very demanding!!! As long as you pay them about 5% over the average after the pay cuts they are mostly okay but as soon as the pay goes below the average the ratings hit red!! what ‘chillhunter’ said is right increase the pay for just about 1 or 2 weeks to about 15-20% above avg to get it up (ratings) and then take it back to 5-10% above average since I have seen that at stage you don’t gain or lose rating.

One more thing is to keep an eye on the average salaries, they do go up and for no fault of yours you might find you are paying below average and all ratings are in red!!!

This is turning into a real bag of worms! I have two enterprises in Beirut, the only two in the country. The unrest started in the cargo subsidiary when I docked the Network planners, so as suggested I upped the wages of all employees a flat 10%. Now the passenger subsidiary employees have noticed getting less than country average and are up in arms - help!

I’m having the very same problem with Network Planning Department. Even two weeks after giving them paychecks above average I see no improvement.

Tandem78, can you tell me if your situation normalized and how long did it take?

My apologies, I didn’t see your message. Well, the freight boys are now earning nearly 10% above the country average and they’re really happy (4 greens). The SLF boys and girls are about average, some are average, some are not so happy.

That’s OK, it finally started improving bar by bar. ;)

And as a reward, I’ll be slashing the number of them by 50%. I’m worse than Qantas. :lol:

They should maybe fix this. I haven’t really had a problem myself though. My staff mood went down last week but I raised the salaries just above average and it’s gone up. But if you guys are having this problem there seems to be a problem in the code.