Do bookings get better overtime?

Ok so I took some advice and went with Q400s. I have 5 of them plus 1airbus A320. My Q’s will start flying tomorrow and are showing about 5-7pax each. Do these flights tend to start slow and get better overtime? The longer you fly a route will you build a customer base?

If it doesn’t get much better after a week, either change something with service you offer or close the route.

If you activated the flight schedule with a three day delay, you have a problem.

  • nobody else flies that route ? Now you know why :wink:

  • much competition on that route ? Use the ORS to check your rating compared to the competition.

  • perhaps you need an interlining partner at your destination.

If you activated the flight schedule without a delay, give it a few more days. Although… flights are booked three days ahead, so three times 7 pax still won’t fill your Dash.


Ok guess I’ll start over AGAIN! ARGHHH!!

You don’t have to restart.

You can just cancel your flights and reschedule

I was in over my head. too many planes. I’ve decided to start fresh and move locations to where I actually live, Houston Tx.

Seems like with so many established airlines already it’s hard to get anything going. I bought a 737-400 to do short hops IAH-DFW with and leased a Q400 to do some regional flying. I’ve put them on a 3day sched start. I hope that’s enough to at least get the ball rolling.

Why not restart/ If you’ve lost money you’ll be better off restarting and getting the 10 mil. I restarted my first airline 5 or 6 times as I learned the intricacies of the game. Even after I had learned to make money I tried a few things with different configurations and different a/c types.

TD- have you read through any of the wiki or the community support forum?

If not, a few things-

There are no budget travelers. Every passenger in AS has the same economic beliefs. You’ll want good service (I hate this part of the game, but it is important) and decent seats (for short haul the second level econ ones work well). Image matters. Quality matters.

Use the ORS to see where your flights stand

Passengers are flexible on date. Passengers in AS seem to always use the "my dates are flexible" button when booking flights, so if you have a flight that is all O & D with no n/s competition, you can boost loads by going every other day.

Interlining. Do it. If you have a small airline you basically have no network. My first airline really took off when I essentially became the contract feeder for a much larger carrier that shared my hub city but had no regional sized aircraft.

The Q400 can not be beat in this game on seat mile costs. In the short haul narrow body jet class the 737-700 BGW offers the best economics. Stay out of long haul, it is a vanity project reserved for major airlines flying prestige routes for fun.