does reducing price beyond ORS 99 help with connections?


All my flights are having ORS score 99. However, the amount of connecting passengers I am getting is quite little.

If my flights have maxed out ORS score while connecting flights have not maxed out  (I believe max is 75), will reducing price on the individual sectors help getting more passengers?

For example - 

HND-HKG ORS Score 99/100

HKG-BKK ORS Score 99/100

HND-HKG-BKK ORS Score 70/75

If I reduce price on either HND-HKG or HKG-BKK, will it help me improving ORS for HND-HKG-BKK and getting more passengers?

Thank you guys! Would love to learn from you all!

It possibly could, and might not ... depends on many variables. More likely not. Just beware that 75 is not a connection maximum for all flights. Many have less as a maximum.