Domination IV - Flight Cancellation Errors


I am trying to cancel some scheduled flights, but the flights refuse to cancel. I noticed it yesterday, earlier this morning, around 9AM CST and I am seeing it now as well. There are flights I needed to cancel in the morning because the planes had not autoscheduled to XFER to the rights airports after I scheduled flights. So I needed to schedule transfer and cancel flights but the system wouldn’t let me. Eventually, the system auto scheduled the XFERs and then auto cancelled flights, but of course that made me lose money because some tickets had already been booked :-/

Now I am trying to cancel some flights that didn’t fill up because there seeming is no demand (which is a bit weird given its a brand new game world, and unless there are ORS backlog, it could be because there are too many negatives associated with my flights). And now I am trying to cancel flights that have very few passengers…i tried to cancel 4 on one aircraft and one was cancelled but the remaining three weren’t. I have tried repeatedly and they will not cancel. :-/ I am hemorrhaging money now…and will have to probably liquidate if the issues keep persisting :-/

Are there any server issues causing this?

Thanks, Ray

Maybe not enough money in the bank to pay for the cancellation?

Hi, Yes, that makes sense. Since some flights did get cancelled, I was confused. But upon checking now, I see they did not have any passengers at all. Thanks.