doubt on unused airline holdings

Hi, some routes from my base that i would like to run are currently flown by another airline which is using a big aircraft and has priced it very low and it seems that the owner is no longer accessing that airline, and the airline seems to be kept alive through loans (as per the news articles). So i was wondering if there is any rule to when that would be stopped? As in how many times would AS give loans out and can an airline be in the system with the owner no longer checking it. Is it until the credit runs out? And what about trial members creating airlines and pricing it very low and no longer accessing the game, would those company be ever shut down?


Concerning the rescue credits: 2 times in a row. If the company needs a third credit to pay wages it’s going bancrupt.


And what happens if the airline is profitable but the player does’t play anymore ?

Does the account closes itself after a time without login ?



At least when the account is running out of credits.