Doubts regarding subsidiaries

Hello all,

I have been playing AS for a while, and now I am facing the moment of creating subsidiaries in my holding. I have two main questions:

  • Once you create your subsidiary, then you realize you don´t like how is it going, is it possible to re-start it? Will the holding recover the investment or the capital spent to create the subsidiary is lost forever?

  • And the second question regards taking control of another airline vie buying stocks. Once you get the control of that airline, suppose that it is in a different country, from another continent. Will the subsidiary lose the flight rights? I mean, since the holding office is in a different place, will the holding flight rights prevail over the subsidiary?

Lets say I have a holding in Europe, and I buy an airline from Japan, in terms of managing the Japanese one, which rights will it have?

Thank you in advance!


  • Restart not possible. Delete it and found a new one. The capital of the deleted airline minus outstanding leasing costs, credits, wages and pay-offs (3x the normal wages). And when you bought an aircraft you get back less than 20%.

  • the easy explanation: you have the rights of the holding and cannot buy flight rights. Only in country who allows foreign investment, you have all rights

look here:

and here:


Thank you for your reply, it helped me to clear my doubts.

What will happen the shares did we bought via the subsidiary? Will the shares be transferred back to the holding?

Where does it say you get back less than 20% of any owned aircraft?

It’s not written down word by word, but it is a logical thing. If you want to sell an aircraft and you won’t find anyone, you can offer your aircraft for 10% of it’s worth and if this doesn’t attrac any other airline to bid for it, the aircraft trader is making an offer (and that would be 15% of its value). So if you liquidate an airline, you will also receive this 15% value.

You have got to be joking!!

  1. It is not "a logical thing", that a player receive $15m for a $100m asset;

  2. Or that you should expect players to deduce this would be the outcome when deleting a subsidiary;

  3. A player could try selling the aircraft for 90%, 80%, 70% etc of its value, if having trouble selling an aircraft. Why do you mention 10%?;

On the basis that this is an unwritten rule with no logic, I seek compensation for the aircraft, for which I received negligible compensation. Please feel free to IGM me. I expect that you will not discuss my personal business affairs in a public forum - Im not a regular on the forums, but I have noticed that you have had a habit of inappropriately publicly airing private information on public forums.

There is no compensation for this, as this is no bug and valid for all players. If we would pay any compensation we would have to pay also for all other sales to the public aircraft trader.

I understand this is not a bug, and that it is valid for all players. I seek compensation on the basis that:

  1. It is unfair and unethical

  2. It is an unwritten rule

How could you reasonably expect that I would deduce that I would only receive 15% of the value of a liquidated asset!!


I had the same problem, I built a terminal in error on my iPhone and emailed support and I also owned 2 planes. As per SK’s advice I deleted thinking that the terminal money and plane money would be returned, it did not.

It seems that AS management like to make up rules and do whatever they want, feel your pain mate but don’t waste your time with this. AS will just make crap up back to you rather than actually doing anything.

Thanks mate for your message. I know Im not the first to suffer the injustice of AS’s poor decision making processes. I will fight this though. How dare they have the audacity, to impose unfair, unwritten rules!!!

Nice comments from you - that’s why we do all this stuff here - we like to punish everyone of you! :blink:


Please give me the ticket number again where I should have given you the advice and telling you that you get all of you’re money back. If so I really have to apologize, but I can’t imagine that.


There isn’t any rule stating that you get all money back, so which “unwritten” rule do you expect us to follow now? I know which one you would like to have, but it can’t be fair to give you money while purchasing is not possible - that would lead to the behaviour that airlines not able to sell their aircraft for a reasonable price will found a new subsidiary and then delete it to get more money.

SK… We have had this conversation already, you apologised that I must have ‘misunderstood’ your English… Either way I chose to let it go because trying to do anything with you is like squeezing water out of a rock!

Unless I was one of your ‘mates’ you clearly could not care less about working towards a resolution with anyone on any topic.

SK knows best of course…

I remember:

And I answered:

So there was no word about the aircraft and I clearly stated, that the buildings will be demolished. I don’t know why you afterwards wanted to make me responsible that I should have recommended you to delete the airline!

Perhaps you should post the whole discussion SK and not just sections of it!

Is there any mention that I won’t get any money back? You stated maybe… My fault for assuming I would but you seem to cover yourself by saying maybe to things.

Maybe you might learn how to manage AS… Maybe you may answer a question correctly… Maybe you might try and appease other players and not your mates.

So based on your reasoning ‘maybe’ always means no?

SK, I quote from the Wiki:

[color=#ff0000]Reset/liquidate enterprise

[font=sans-serif][size=3]To liquidate an enterprise or a holding, you can select this function. All assets will be sold, the buildings will be demolished etc. - exisiting minority stakes will be purchased to[/size][/font][/color][font=sans-serif][size=3] (sic)[/size][/font][color=#ff0000][i][font=sans-serif][size=3] AirlineSim and majority stakes will lead to deletion of the daughter enterprise. The shareholder will receive the remaining values divided by there share.[/size][/font]

[font=sans-serif][size=3]Prior to deleting an enterprise/a holding you have to confirm a safety question.[/size][/font][/i][/color]

[size=4][color=#000000][font=sans-serif]Where does it say that assets will be sold at 15% of their value??? My asset which was sold at 15% of value was a brand new, unused 737-900, valued at, according to AS:[/font][/color][/size]

[color=#ff0000]Purchase options for Boeing 737-900ER HGW (winglets) order[/color]

[color=#ff0000][i][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]You have chosen to order 1 aircraft of this type direct from the manufacturer.

Please choose one of the following finance options:[/size][/font]


Standard purchase


Select this option to buy the new aircraft out of pocket, using available funds from the enterprises account. List price: 70,500,000 AS$ Discount rate: 0.0% Price per aircraft: 70,500,000 AS$ Total price: [/i] 70,500,000 AS$ [/color]

I wont go into prices on being offered by AS on the Aircraft Market, but I can understand some discount for not being a new aircraft from the manufacturer. But an 85% discount!! That’s even more rediculous than your annualised interest rate of approx [size=5]175%[/size] (based on 2% per week). What planet are you guys living on? Isnt this supposed to simulate real world?

Well done Stevie… Keep persisting mate.

Good on you for not letting people like SK invent rules, it’s just a shame your not o e of his German mates… Then he might have helped from the start.

Maybe means maybe - you get money back if all this happens. And nothing else.

That’s right - it’s not written there, but it is also not written there that you get more then this as it would be a normal sale to the public aircraft trader.

That is polemic too as I’m not giving anyone a diasadvantage or advantage. So if you intend to argue this way continuesly, I will no longer take part.

SK, what does "maybe" have to do with anything?

Don’t know, what you mean - please explain the question.