E195E2 vs A220-300

The ageold question, which aircraft is best. Since the new pricing model for better or worse put them more closely together I went on a mission to find which of these planes suit me better and the answer I found is the A220-300.

In real life you get 3 E2 for the price of 2 223, but in the game the difference is noticeably smaller, making cost of capital less important in the equasion.

Seat configuration: 146 seats in E295? No way. I have 88/24 in mine as that is most space efficient. In the A220 on the other hand I have 100/25, and this ratio between eco and biz is better for me.

Flight attendants: passengers are happier in A220 as there are more flight attendants. Flying an a220 and e295 on the same route, same time and same service the a220 will sell more seats as the ORS rating is higher, according to my experiments.

Turnaround time is about the same for both of these aircraft so that is not a dealbreaker for me.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Eager to hear what you guys think!

I am Canadian so my :heart: says Bombardier C Series !! But I believe you will find both of these aircraft types to serve you well.

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i am on the 220 team. its a money maker.

I think the main difference is the fleet type itself. If you want to do LH with either, CS/A220 is a much better option than E2. 100 can go a bit further with a reasonable load than E2.

I think that’s a really tough question to answer without considering the specifics of your business model. For instance, I’m playing on the American east coast on the current server, 223 is better for me since I get to do things like JFK-DUB early on in the game. Now of course if you operate with a different base and operate mostly short-haul routes, there’s a strong case for 295 considering its short production period which gives you a competitive edge in early stages of the game.

Oh and by the way, I think these two are dominated by the 32Ns in the latest catalogue. At least I’ll try with 32Ns with my next company.

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Just to be a contrarian I’m a huge fan of the CRJs,

I have a holding parent company that has a subsidiary below it running domestic normal flights of your normal 737s, and bigger etc.

Below that is a regional airline that has a fleet of mostly CRJs in the 7,9,K size

Love them!

My logic is that the main airline will focus on flights over a certain threshold and while connecting hubs, while the regional airline will operate out of those hubs in the more local short range network

There might be some redundancy, if you’re close to Vegas for example send every plane you got there. But this is just a general rule

Now to answer your question, what are you trying to accomplish with that size of plane? The nice thing about the newer 220s is they are super efficient. I tend to stay with the CRJs to minimize the type ratings needed in my fleet, also it’s easier to plan my regional flights within a certain set of parameters if everything works out generally the same.

I think in the size class you will make a killing regardless of what you choose

In the past I had different constellations in this size. My current preference on Domination is to combine CRJ family (700NG, 900NG, 1000EL) for targeting smaller destinations (3-5 size) with 737 family (-400 BGW, 8-200, and -9 HGW) for larger airports, with widebodies above it. CRJs are cheap with fast build times, and bring good profit. In the past, I used to run ARJ21, SSJ, and EMB families to good success as a smaller counterpart to 737, MD80 or A320 family. Main advantage of 195E2 is the large family of smaller brothers, while being large enough to fly instead of 737 family, so you need just one category instead of two (or teamed up with Tu204 as a large cheap machine for crowded destinations) I was not very happy with CS series, as they are too large and need a smaller RJ or prop to serve size 3 and 4 airfields, while they are too small to compete with A321 or 738/739 on big destinations.

The best plane is the A220, it can do regional, long haul, and prints money, however its not always the best option for every airline. Its usually never on the used market, so expensive to lease, restricting growth if you need fast growth.

EMB195 is slightly worse than the A220 , but suffers from similar issues - most players will look at availability of either option and go with the one that’s cheaper and easier to get. Also the smaller 190E2 and cheap EMB195 “E1” family could also be attractive as a smaller regional plane for smaller markets and faster growth - the A220-100 is a bit too much plane for that role and I find if you are getting A220-100s you might as well get the -300 as its no different really.

Dark horse as pointed out is the CRJ family. I have had huge success with cheap CRJ1000ELs , the EL’s version is a money maker if you get it cheap. The only issue is range - if you dont need to do flights like ICN-PER with a A220, then get CRJs if they are on the market cheap.

You also should consider the build time. In fact the E195E2 has better ROI. However this depends on your airline location. If you need to do ferry flights from Brazil to Asia there’s no real benefit.

For fun games like Domination, it’s neither E2 or A220. You will need everything, what’s possible to fly profitable