Edit Seat layout


I have made 2 custom layouts ... one for 737 max and one for ERJ175. Saved them. 

When i select edit on them .. and then try to change the seating again ... i can not select the drop down with the numbers. All i can do is start a new layout from scratch and delete the old one. Can not change seat pitch also. All i can do is change the number of flight attendants.

Is there a time lock on changes or something ? First i thought the seating could not be adapted when plane was flying. But a new layout takes 3 days anyway to show up in planes ...

What am i doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance

you can not change settings on layouts already assigned to an aircraft, only the variable that can be easiliy applied to the aircrafts in use - flight attendants.

K thanks ... So when i mak a new temp layout ... can i assign that ... make quick changes to the original seating ... and switch back ? Or will the first plane  that shows up after 3 days have the temp layout ... and the one after that with original layout ?

There are seats installed on a plane.

When you change the config, you have to pay for the difference (the new seats that sre being installed). No seats are stored for a later time, only those being used in the new config you are assigning are being re-used.

And any changes only apply to flights that have not yet been booked into the system (do not appear anywhere in the overviews), so technically, it is possible to have a flight with the old config and one before and after that with a new config, should you also make changes to the flight plan (as in plab entirely new flights)