Error on Airbus 380-800 capacity?

I was looking at the Airbus 380-800 and creating a test configuration for it.

On the page for the plane, capacity is listed as 853. When you build a configuration, the certified capacity is listed as 538 and that’s the maximum number of seats you can actually put in the plane.

Attached is a screenshot. In the top section it shows the certified capacity as 853, in the cabin setup area it shows it as 538.

It also lists capacity as 853 on the Aircraft Manufacturers page, which I am attaching a screenshot for as well.

I am not sure, but the capacity of 853 consists out of main deck and upper deck. Seems so that the main decks limit is at 538. Just out some seats on the upper deck

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Oh. I didn’t even see that. This was the first time I looked at a plane this large and didn’t realize there was different deck configurations.

That would explain it.