fleet management !?!?!

Well, I see we suddenly have the new fleet management page format - now, how do I get from the fleet management page for a particular aircraft to the flight schedule page?

Looks like the only way is now the routemanagement … thats the only way i found so far … if somebody finds another way … would appreciate as well :rolleyes:

Please reload the page - there will be icons for that!

Think of all the options you have now… you can delete your entire seating with just one mouse click, but hey, who needs to schedule flights anyway …like you say you can get there from route management, but what about if you have a new aircraft that’s not assigned to any routes yet? looks to me like a severe case of shooting in the foot…

PLease read my topic before - reloading the page/F5 and you will see what you need ;)

Just reload with F5 … then everything comes back … looks nice and more userfriendly now on first glance …

Cool !!!!!

Thanks for the improvement of this page :D

Nice one guys!! ;)

Hey, cool improvement.

Now there is just something small missing. It would be cool to be able to plane the schedule already, when an aircraft is on order.

OK, excellent, that’s fixed it… was that a bug? Boy, you guys gave me a fright!

Unfortunately the only way to do this is considered a "bug" and you will get reported for doing it as it blocks slots. You cannot exploit bugs.

A tool would be nice that doesn’t allocate the flights - just planning.


I understand this could be misused - but another thing you can’t do and would be nice is to plan the cabin configuration for a new aircraft before it is delivered - you can only plan configs for aircraft that are already in the fleet.

Any chance of making sub categories in fleet management? i.e. grouping all aircraft of one hub into a fleet then having sub categories for the different aircraft types at that hub.

You can only make one category (Fleet). It’s not possible to make subcategories.

I know, hence why I suggest sub categories for the reason I suggested.



  • -737

  • -747

  • -767

  • -CRJ


  • -737

  • -747

  • -767

  • -CRJ