Flight Booking Issues

I have an airline in Quimby which operates out of Shannon, it flies to Glasgow Intl and London City airports, the problem is that despite the fact that people have booked the flight returning to Shannon, thus far there are no bookings for the departing journey from Shannon. Is there a reason why this is?

When did you active the flight plan, every airports departing passengers load only once at 24 hours. This is spread throughout the 24hours day, so maybe leave it 24 hours and see what happens

Well as it stands, it isn't a small problem. The amount of passengers on the return flight to Shannon is extremly lopsided compared to the fact that there is nothing on the starting jouney. Glasgow back to Shannon has about 13 out of a max 29 pax booked whereas Shannon to Glasgow has nothing, same with LCY to SNN it has about 8 of 29, to the start jouney's none. I activated the flight plan at least 24 hours ago, and if it was a small difference and I had activated it maybe 4 hours ago it wouldn't have been a problem. It just sticks out that it could ever possibly be that far one sided in a game that a lot of people play, especially since there is nothing to actually calculate the demand for yourself to actually tell wether the route will be worthwhile before you waist your time putting everything in play and watching it fail, or as I have demonstrated be completly off balence.

From the airport page you will see that the outbound passenger bookings for the 3 airports concerned are at the follow times...

SNN: 22:03:15 UTC

LCY: 03:37:46 UTC

GLA: 10:14:45 UTC

So in fact SNN should of been updated recently.

I would go down the connection conversation but it wouldn't be applicable to your airlines current situation.

A lot of AS is down to trial and error which to be honest makes it more of a challenge which I for one appreciate. There is no right or wrong way of doing something (unless its against the rules). The Quimby game world was really set up for trial and error and to find your feat so it's a brilliant place to be until you want to move to a "real" world.

By the way can I recommend changing your schedule. At the moment...

SNN-LCY-SNN   1-3-5-7 Twice a day

SNN-GLA-SNN   -2-4-6- Thrice a day

You would be best off maybe trying something similar to daily...


You would not only get the passengers for LCY and GLA every day but you would also have the possibility of connection traffic

Hope that helps