Flight earnings

Hello everybody.
I have a flight that is almost completely full, but when to see the proceeds of this flight they are all in red.

can you post a screenshot? There are so many possible reasons… which route, which plane and seats, which service profile, which price level etc pp.

I have only this… Surelly it’s no good

That does not show everything.

maybe i understand. I made a plane with too many expensive seats.
i have a question, but the service profile is it included in the ticket or does the passenger on board pay for it?

Since you are so kind, I’m asking you another question… which plane should I start with?

That all depends on the route and the market. Send a screenshot of that whole page and we could offer more help. From what you sent it’s impossible to make out anything.

I start new game. I need an information for cabin

For low-cost i put: Y(60) comfort - C(16) comfort plus.

Medium: Y(60) comfort - C(16) comfort plus

The plane is superjet 100-95…

Is it ok?

Every ok. Yes.

Is it optimal? I don’t know what world you play on.

If you Play in old ORS The seating is good. And whats The Ticket price and service?

I play in ellinikon.

I don’t change ticket price.

The service is Y(6.50) C(27) about