Flight Rankings

I’ve seen things like this a few times and I guess I don’t understand why the top flight pair is ranked a 39 while the bottom flight pair is ranked a 37. It just doesn’t seem to make sense the the cheaper/shorter economy flight has a lower ranking than the longer/more expensive economy flight. Any ideas?

Bigger seats, better service, better airline image. Usually it’s the first of those options.

check the specific numbers on each segment - they might be better for each. Otherwise, it’s likely airline image as AK said

Has there been an update also to all “old” servers like Devau, Tempelhof, Kaitak and co. concerning the influence of a positive image on the ORS rating?
From time to time I start new airlines on these servers, and now despite having good service and very good seats in Businessclass I have to go below 100% Price-Index to come close to a 99 ORS-rating for a nonstop flight.

Anyone recognized the same, or did I simply miss an update to all servers?

There shouldn’t have been any ORS update on old servers whatsoever…

If I remember correctly, there was unfortunately no update.

But something has definitaly changed, also saw same thing with C flight ratings of other new carriers (with neutral Image). Maybe someone of the team can just confirm it?

I mean in the end its more realistic the way it is, especially with C pax not simply taking the cheapest airline but also taking the Image of an airline into account.

All the old game worlds (from Kaitak to Xiguan) are still using the classic ORS, no changes there.
We’ve never done ORS changes to any public game world so far.

As for the original question: Kinda impossible to give a concrete answer, as we can’t see the airline image and other factors going into the final ORS raking…