Flights cancelled due to lack pilots

Hi everyone!

I’ve just seen two of my flights cancelled (fully booked, with the a/c rightly positioned, in 100% condition, on a daily route that has never given me any troubles) as apparently there were no pilots in the a/c. The weird thing is that the needed crew was listed as reserve in my pilot management screen. I have the automatic pilot allocation activted, and never seen something like this. To solve it I just had to allocate them to the a/c again, but it made me lose some good money.

Any clues why this happened?

Did you assign enough pilots to the aircraft? Jets need a total of 8 pilots, some smaller turboprops manage with four.

Sure I did. In fact, the a/c had been flying for many weeks that same route without a single issue and it continued to do it afterwards. It was as the crew had been suddenly unassigned… Quite weird…

I think they decided to strike for that one route :D lol

I`m starting to think that as well… Just to clarify, in order to have the a/c flying again I had to reassign the whole crew.