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Welcome to Russia’s premier carrier, FlyRuss! FlyRuss is a brand new Russian airline offering the best in customer service across Russia. FlyRuss is a subsidiary of ATON who through major investment has committed to dominating the Russian market and offering Russians the best in air travel.

Currently we operate 19 modern aircraft from the 737, 757 and A320 families flying all across Russia from our bases in SVO, DME and LED. Unlike the competition we do currently not believe that it is appropriate to focus on one specific base. Our CEO said to Russia Today “There is currently a massive need for air travel in Russia and we feel that we have an obligation to provide as many people as possible with air travel. Therefore, we can not solely focus on one base. FlyRuss is set up in such a way that we will experience explosive growth, our plan is to double our operation within a week and triple it within 2. By growing and quickly becoming a dominating carrier in Russia we will have a better chance at setting up meaningful hubs, until then growth will be the primary focus of the company. This is an exiting time to join Russia’s premier carrier. For our growth we will need thousands of staff and I welcome everyone to join FlyRuss. Currently we offer double wages just to show appreciation to our wonderful employees. Join us on our journey and you will never regret it!”

You’re welcome Russia, you now have a premier carrier!

With just hours left until our inaugural flight departs, the celebration has already started in Saint Petersburg. A party like no other has been thrown in the streets, while our detailing crew are adding the final touches to our new planes, making them truly worthy of our high standards. The CEO expressed that he wanted a party bigger than the victory day parade. That is exactly what he got. Everything from Russian babushkas to the nuclear fleet are in ecstasy. Our wonderful president Vladimir Putin will be watching the departure from Saint Petersburg. Our 757s will almost simultaneously depart for the three Moscow airports. “Lady Victory” will depart at 4:18 for Moscow Vnukovo, exactly 4 minutes later “Capital Girl” will depart for Moscow Domodedovo while at Domodedovo “Mother Russia” will at the same moment depart for Saint Petersburg. Mother Russia will later in the day carry Putin home to Moscow. 9 minutes later “Freedom Baby” will fly from Saint Petersburg to Moscow Sheremetyevo. There are rumours of the 3 ladies doing a formation flight together all the way to Moscow, showing Russian’s their new flag carrier. Everyone is stoked for this incredible celebration. There are even rumours that our wonderful president Vladimir Putin even has applied makeup to celebrate the occasion.

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With just 7 hours left until launch the CEO ordered a repaint of the tail design. He didn’t like how the red just stopped under the tail fin. When the CEO says something it has to be done. So here is our new livery. Welcome onboard!

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“FlyRuss has taken off and it has been an absolute disaster!” That is the news headline that many Russians have been waking up to. In kinder terms, the launch has been a disaster. All in all it has cost the company about 1.5 million dollars.

The problem has been that 6 of our planes had been absolutely neglected by previous operators. This has meant that their condition has been so bad that they have not been automatically able to transfer to our bases and receive maintenance. The CEO of FlyRuss, Christian Pålsson, hasn’t run an airline in over 2 years and completely forgot that transfer flights needed to be scheduled manually when the condition of the aircraft is so awful. Therefore flights have needed to be cancelled while the aircraft transfer to Russia and the talented engineers at African Maintenance Systems work on bringing the planes back to life. This has affected 5 of our A320s who have had to cancel about 2 or 3 flights each while one of our 757s has been in Rio de Janeiro and has needed to cancel 7 flights while it makes it’s way across the Atlantic. It has cost us a further half million dollars to bring back our planes to excellent condition. All cancelled flights have been fully booked. About 1500 passengers have been affected by the cancelation and many of them have been furious that they haven’t been able to experience our brilliant service on launch day. Sadly we are fully booked for 3 days on most routes and we have not been able to offer seats sooner for our cancelled passengers.

All passengers affected by the cancelation have been given the soonest possible flight with FlyRuss and 5 star hotel accommodation until the flight. We have refused booking the passengers on other carriers as we do not believe in downgrading our honoured passengers. In our CEOs words “Any other Russian airline is a downgrade from FlyRuss’ excellent luxury service, we don’t want to traumatise our loved guests”.

To tackle our incredible demand we have ordered two new aircraft who are currently getting painted and getting ready to provide luxury to the Russian population. It is incredible that even after loosing 1.5 million dollars we are still able to be incredibly profitable and afford new planes. We have also hired almost 300 new pilots who are currently getting ready to fly the Russian skies. We are proud to be able to help experienced pilots and give them a job at FlyRuss. It also saves us a great deal of money to not have to pay for their training.

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The launch was a disaster but we have had an incredible first day anyways. After spending almost a million in cancellation fees, half a million in maintenance and a further million in lost revenue due to the cancelation, we have still managed to pull through. The first day of operation was a record setting day and we have been able to acquire a further 6 aircraft to strengthen our network. Of these six aircraft, 3 have been 757s, 1 B737-800, 1 A320 and 1 A319. We have furthermore doubled our staff in one day and launched many new routes with the focus on strengthening our St. Petersburg base and becoming the biggest carrier in that city. The road has been though but we are still well on plan to doubling our fleet within our first week all in the aim of running the best and most luxurious airline in Russia. At this moment our goal is to built up a strong balance sheet to have a better position for the competitive times ahead.

I want to say thank you to @pinto_97 who got a brilliant photo of one of our 757s :heart_eyes:

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FlyRuss has doubled in 3 operating days! It is my greatest honour as the CEO to announce that we have doubled in size in 3 days of operation. We have just announced that we are going to take on our 40th aircraft. During the coming two days we will have a large number of aircraft arriving to us and we have just paid the deposit for the 40th one. We started operation with 18 operating aircraft, in two days we will have 40. We have also doubled in equity which the CEO sees as an incredible achievement considering our disastrous launch day. We haven’t yet paid our staff their 200% salaries but even with that large bill we have projected final growth for the week, including salaries and leases, at over 100%. This 100% growth is projected to keep up for the second week of operation and we are projecting to finish the second week with 80 aircraft. We have set up a large recruiting and training effort in order to run our ever-growing operation.

We really need talented staff and we are running global recruitment operation. Joining us this early on might be the perfect career springboard. In the ATON group we always first look within our own staff when needing a promotion. We trust no one more than our own staff. In our previous venture, IndoSky, all flight attendants who started with the airline flying horrible old AVROs and classic 737s got promoted to being pursers of brand new A380s and A350s. This is what company loyalty means to us. We currently need everyone from captains to cargo controllers stationed at remote airports on the Siberian tundra. Welcome to the FlyRuss family!

The CEO has just set up a highly talented team which will be planning for operation WIN. The WIN plan is our plan to WIN the Russian market. It is currently a closely guarded company secret as we are able to keep high loads with the current set up. Ones loads start dropping the WIN plan will be implemented. The plan has been tested on multiple routes and turned in with incredible results. We are confident that ones it is implemented across the whole network it will prove to be a great success. More details are to follow ones our team have finalised the details.

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FlyRuss has a new flagship! We have just gotten our first 757-300s with more on the way. The 757 will in the future be an essential aircraft for our high demand routes allowing us to add more capacity while using the same amount of slots. Our 753s will also be used to fly to slot constraint bases of our partners in Europe and China. Our 757-300s can currently be seen in Bucharest, Vienna and Saint Petersburg. They are a lovely and unique aircraft which is greatly appreciated by our passengers.

Our regulars have noticed that many of our flights have been rescheduled, especially at Moscow Domodedovo (DME). This has been because we have launched a hub operation at DME and therefore we have needed to correct earlier schedules and thereby allowing all flights at the airport to connect to our waves. FlyRuss has built Russia’s strongest hub at Domodedovo with the most departures, most connections and highest frequencies of any Russian hub. This is an achievement in itself and we welcome all partners at DME. We welcome all carriers flying to DME, SVO and LED to send us interlining requests and if they don’t compete with our current partners we will sign it and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

Our rapid expansion has not stopped the slightest. We have recently signed on for our 70th aircraft and we are looking to have 80 aircraft in operation by our first week anniversary on Tuesday. This will mean that we will reach our goal of 80 aircraft early. We will also in the coming days be welcoming our first aircraft from our friends at AviCAP. We are incredibly happy with this relationship and we are very happy with our great welcoming to Idlewild.

FlyRuss is a Diamond Star! It is with great pride that we announce our membership in the world’s greatest alliance, Diamond Star. Diamond Star is an alliance like no other, we fly to more destinations, we fly the most passengers and generate the most revenue in the world. We are incredibly thankful that we have been admitted to this incredible alliance. We have just released a new logo with the Diamond Star in it and all our aircraft have immediately had a Diamond Star sticker applied to them.

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We will be receiving over 30 aircraft tomorrow and some of them will be painted in special Diamond Star livery. To crew this mass of aircraft that we have recruited over 1000 new flight attendants who will join us tomorrow and we have a further 10,000 in the recruitment pipeline in various stages of negotiations. We will furthermore need thousands of other staff to run the whole network.

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We have launched Moscovia! Moscovia is brand new carrier based in Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) offering the same world class service that FlyRuss is known for. Moscovia has the moto “The supreme way to fly…”.

It all started when the FlyRuss station manager at SVO, Svetlana Valentinovska, asked the CEO for more planes because demand was so high at SVO that we couldn’t keep up. The CEO couldn’t give Svetlana more planes but he offered to name one of our 757s after her in consolation. The CEO said that FlyRuss is focused on building a hub at Moscow Domodedovo and could not spare any aircraft or crew to expand at Sheremetyevo. But the CEO got an idea. Instead of giving Svetlana a couple of FlyRuss planes he would give her an entire new airline which will be able to replace FlyRuss planes at Sheremetyevo and instead send them to Domodedovo to build the hub. From this Moscovia was born.

Moscovia operates 25 modern Avro RJs and will in the future be taking on a large number of Embraer Ejets. We offer roughly 600 flights per week to around 30 destinations. Together with the FlyRuss services at SVO we are the largest airline at the airport. Thereby we are now the largest carrier at all major Russian airports. The response from passengers has been incredible and they love the product that Moscovia offers. It has been so popular that we have flown almost att 100% SLF since launch. This truly shows that the FlyRuss concept is a winning concept.

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FlyRuss has signed the lease of our 150th plane! It’s with great pleasure to announce that FlyRuss will from now on have 150 planes in it’s fleet covering more of Russian than anyone else. From getting founded less than two weeks ago we will by tomorrow have around 190 jet aircraft in the group, flying all over Russia. Around 150 will be in our main line while about 40 will fly for Moscovia. Together as a group we will be employing around 15000 staff. It’s an incredible achievement that we have in less than two weeks grown to such a large size. We are thankful of Russians that they have adopted us as their preferred carrier which is clearly shown by our superior image and brand. We are proud to be flying the Russian flag!

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The past week has been incredibly eventful. FlyRuss has tripled it’s presence at Moscow Domodedovo and due to our sheer size at the airport it is from now on classed as a Diamond Hub. Domodedovo is truly dominated by FlyRuss and Diamond Star! Currently we offer over 3000 flights per week to 110 destinations from Domodedovo, making it the largest Russian hub.

We have also started our second hub at Saint Petersburg. Currently we offer 15 destinations but we plan to greatly increase that number. We want Saint Petersburg to be the Russian gateway to Europe and we will in partnership with the Air Romania Group offer countless European destinations from LED. Due the opening of our Saint Petersburg hub we have moved our Vnukovo service to be based out of LED. Our 757 (Freedom Flyer) which has been flying the route for the last couple of weeks has been replaced by three 737-800s. We plan to in the future relaunch our Vnukovo hub.

This week is the week of Moscovia. We are currently doubling the fleet and we want Moscovia to grow to being the dominant carrier at Sheremetyevo. We are currently way above the competition in the number of departures but we want to also be the largest in term of passengers numbers.

We have been asked by many to show our financials so here they are. This is after about 1 week and 6 days. We are hoping to be making around 100 million in profit the coming week. Moscovia will contribute with about 10 million in profit. Due to a great pilot shortage we are spending a lot on training.

FlyRuss will be flying the Holy Fire! With Orthodox Easter soon coming up our airline is preparing to partake in the Easter celebrations. With an Orthodox CEO and a country with a large orthodox population it is a must for our airline to partake in these holy celebrations. Most importantly we will be flying in the Holy Fire to Russia. One of our 757s called “Holy Flyer” will be flying down to Jerusalem on Good Friday to return with the Holy Fire on Great Saturday. The lighting of the Holy Fire is a miracle performed every year by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III. Orthodox believe that the patriarch enters the holy sepulchre without anything on him and comes out with fire which is lit by god. The CEO of FlyRuss will personally accompany the flight as he knows Patriarch Theophilos III
and has previously had audiences with him. It is our greatest honour to be the carrier flying the Holy Fire. After the fire has touched down in Moscow it will be distributed to all our Russian destinations in the hope of reaching every Russian by the evening.

We will also fly a large formation flight on the night of the resurrection. It will be made up of 12 of our 757-300s which will fly in a cross pattern at low altitude across Russia. They will start in Vladivostok and land in St. Petersburg 10 hours later after flying over at least 10 Russian cities in the cross formation. We will furthermore be playing the Romanian “Prohodul Domnului” on all our planes on Good Friday. Prohodul Domnului is an hour long vigil sung in memory of the death and suffering of Jesus Christ. The CEO choose the Romanian one as he believes it sounds better than the Russian. Here is a sneak peak.

We believe that the FlyRuss family can be a progressive force in Russia while still following ancient traditions. We are fighting for human rights, LGBT rights and we run large scale programs to educate Russians on love and the right to love everyone. We truly believe that both of them can be combined and together we can build a better Russia. We are specifically working closely with the Pride Group on developing social projects to improve acceptance in Russia.

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In an intense press conference the new strategy of the FlyRuss family was revealed. Our competitor, SWANE, has sadly gone out of business and therefore we have a new opportunity to hub build at Moscow Sheremetyevo. Due to this reason the small planes that Moscovia has been flying are no longer needed at SVO. Moscovia was a carrier purely set up to pressure the competition by offering supreme service at lower prices and it has now succeeded with it’s main task. Moscovia has never been a highly profitable carrier and has constantly needed investment from our cash cow FlyRuss in order to fund expansion. It was doing alright and was making money but not with an as high profit per passenger as we are able to achieve at FlyRuss. The combination of the capacity restraints of flying regional jets and high operating costs have conviced us to move over all of Moscovia’s operations to mainline FlyRuss. FlyRuss has already filled all of SWANE’s routes and slots and will in the future also be integrating the operation of Moscovia.

Moscovia’s Avro fleet will sadly be leaving our family and return to their lessors while the Embraers and A330s will have a new exciting future at Khabarovsk. Moscovia will be setting up a hub in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk were we hope to be connecting Asia. The over 4500 staff currently working at Moscovia have been offered to relocate with the carrier or move over to FlyRuss’s growing Sheremetyevo hub. A large part of the staff have chosen to move to Khabarovsk due to their pride in working for Moscovia. We are incredibly happy to have such loyal employees. Both FlyRuss and Moscovia have exciting futures ahead and we wish all our staff the best of luck in the their endeavours in the far east.

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The FlyRuss family celebrates one month of exitance! In this one month we have grown to three operating airlines, one service company, over 500 aircraft and almost half a billion in equity. We are growing larger and larger each day and we are able to offer Russia the airline service it deserves.

Right now the FlyRuss family is made up of our main carrier FlyRuss operating 400 aircraft with bases in DME, SVO, LED, SVX and OVB. The fleet is currently made up of:

  • 5 Airbus A318

  • 15 Airbus A319

  • 7 Airbus A320-200

  • 21 Airbus A320NEO

  • 26 Boeing 737-600

  • 119 Boeing 737-700

  • 45 Boeing 737-800

  • 2 Boeing 737-8 MAX

  • 50 Boeing 737-900ER

  • 76 Boeing 757-200

  • 32 Boeing 757-300

  • 3 Embrear E190

In the coming weeks the E190s will leave our fleet and we will start the slow replacement of 757s. They will be replaced with a combination of 737-900ERs, A321NEOs and 787-8s. When the 757s have left our fleet we will look for replacements for our oldest A320s and 737s.

Moscovia currently operates a hub at SVO on behalf of FlyRuss but the entire operation will shortly be transferred to main line FlyRuss and Moscovia will move to a new hub. Moscovia currently has:

  • 5 Airbus A330-200

  • 15 AVRO RJ (waiting to be returned to lessors)

  • 10 Embrear E175

  • 35 Embraer E190

  • 15 Embraer E195

Our newest carrier carrier Amurair which starts operations tonight is based in KHV and has taken over Moscovia’s operation at the airport. Amurair runs a significant network connecting the far east with only new aircraft. Amurair operates:

  • 5 CRJ1000 NextGen

  • 16 CRJ700 NextGen

  • 2 Sukhoi Superjet 100

We are thankful for all who have helped us become what we are today, especially our Diamond Star friends, and we look forward to reaching many more milestones.

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One of our loyal customers took this photo of the departure board at Khabarovsk. It shows the handover of operations at the airport. The Ejets of Moscovia will be making their final flights while the CRJs of Amurair will be starting a new era of far east service. With Amurair the far east finally has an airline to be proud of. Welcome onboard!

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Moscovia has found a new home in Moscow Zhukovsky (ZIA). For a couple of weeks Moscovia has been a homeless carrier, without a proper homebase. Now it is official that Moscovia will be moving all it’s operations to Zhukovsky while FlyRuss will take over it’s operations at Sheremetyevo and Amurair at Khabarovsk. Moscovia has already left Khabarovsk and is slowly handing over flights from Sheremetyevo.

This will mean that the A330s will have to go and be replaced with aircraft from FlyRuss. While the A330s are incredibly popular with guests they are old and can not match the efficiency of a similarly aged 757-300. Due to this reason they will have to leave the fleet. Moscovia will in the future only be operating Ejets. The long haul crew at Moscovia have all be offered long haul positions with FlyRuss. The A330 pilots have all been offered to fly A320s on long haul routes while the cabin crew have been offered positions on our ever-growing long haul 737 and 757 fleets.

We choose Moscow Zhukovsky after a meeting that our CEO had with the Russian President, the father of the motherland. He suggested we use the brand new Zhukvosky airport to relieve the congestion at Domodedovo. President Putin is a wise man and we will implement his suggestion. We hope to be able to offer quicker and smoother connections at ZIA and with the smaller jets we hope to offer our guests the feeling of flying a private jet. We have already moved over our entire ex KHV fleet to ZIA and currently offer 12 destinations. The entire Moscovia fleet will move over in stages over the coming weeks.

Our new services company, ATON Family Services, has started the construction of a state of the art terminal which will offer Moscovia and other airline friends unrivalled luxury and service. It will be an incredible facility which we hope that our guests will love. The incredible ATON Terminal will be connected with luxurious NEOPLAN busses to Dometodovo which depart every 10 minutes. The bus service is complimentary for our guests. The baggage will automatically be transferred. Moscovia will finally be able to be Moscow’s home town airline. Welcome to Moscow Zhukvosky!

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FlyRuss has a new flagship! Two brand new Boeing 787-10 aircraft have joined our fleet. They are named “Mother Russia” and “Perestrojka”. They will from now on be our flagships and we look forward to be taking on more of them. Both will be flying between Moscow and Khabarovsk where they will feed onto Amurair’s flights. We have noticed that many of the passengers flying Amurair are connecting to Moscow and therefore we need to ensure that we have available prime time capacity to Moscow in order to not limit Amurair’s growth. In order to offer higher capacity at specific times we have acquired the 787s which are about twice as large as our 757s.

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Moscovia has this weekend handed over most of it’s flights from Sheremetyevo and will from next week no longer use it’s own brand at Sheremetyevo. Moscovia will instead be wet leasing 20 Ejets to FlyRuss while the other 45 will be flying from ZIA. It is sad to see them leave but it is necessary in order to build a greater hub at Sheremetyevo.

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We at FlyRuss are horrified at the horrific attack that has happened in Kazan. We send our greatest condolences to all who have lost somebody dear to them. We want to offer the families of the victims a lifetime free gift card with FlyRuss on any of our 8 routes from Kazan while we have offered all students at the school involved vouchers for a return flight to any of our destinations, they can also bring a friend.

On a slightly happier note. Russia has just celebrated Victory day and remembered the defeat of the nazis. This is an incredibly important occasion in Russia and FlyRuss has participated. Both our 787-10 flew in formations over Moscow during the parade flying the Russian flag on our tails. We wish all of Russia a happy victory day!

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Long time no see but FlyRuss is back! The CEO has been gone for some time as he has moved to Gothenburg to start at university. Unsurprisingly, he is studying logistics management hoping to one day work at an airline. AirlineSim has truly been an inspiration and is an incredibly helpful experience.

Anyways, FlyRuss has in the past months gone through a fleet replacement like no other. Over 500 planes have been replaced with brand new ones. This represents 100% of our fleet. We have brought down our average fleet age by 20 years and our image is soaring upwards. At the same time every part of our operation has been looked through and every part of our business has been greatly optimised. This means that we are currently flying the most efficient operation we have ever flown. Our operating equipment is now properly optimised and configured for it’s specific needs.

We have also heard that our passengers love the new plane smell. We love it too! We have just ordered over 150 brand new planes which will be used for expansion. In the future we will be taking on at least 3 new planes every day across our Russian operation in order to expand.

FlyRuss is stronger than it has ever been and looking forward to a bright and proud future. That’s right. We are now flying with pride all the time. In June, we added the rainbow to our logo to remember the Stonewall riots. We have since decided to permanently keep the change and be a force fighting for Russian’s rights to love whoever they want. Together with the Pride Group we have carried out significant social and promotional programs in Russia to promote understanding. We will continue on this journey and we wish to be a bridge between Russian heritage and culture and the new and exiting world.

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FlyRuss welcomes everyone to our brand new Moscow Vnukovo (VKO) hub! Our new Vnukovo hub builds a new Russian gateway. Together with our three other Moscow hubs it solidifies our already strong position. Vnukovo has been a focus city for long with about 20 daily flights to St. Petersburg but now we have upgraded to almost 100 daily flights to 30 destinations. It is with great pride to announce this new and exiting Russian hub. At this moment 25 A220s have been stationed at Vnukovo together with over 1000 staff members who will serve these planes. Vnukovo will in the coming weeks get 10 A220-300s and 50 CRJ700s as well.

The General Manager of Belarus Airlines, Anastasia Saroka, has been assigned to set up and lead our new Vnukovo base. Anastasia has worked for FlyRuss since the beginning. She started as a secretary for Svetlana Valentinovska who at the time was the head of Sheremetyevo operations for FlyRuss. She followed Svetlana to Moscovia and was there promoted to set up and lead Belarus Airlines. Through her passion and ambition, Anastasia did a wonderful job at Belarus Airlines having set up a true flag carrier for Belarus, flying 20,000 passengers every week with incredible reviews. Therefore our CEO decided that Anastasia is the right person to lead our Vnukovo venture and he does not doubt for a second that it will be an incredible success. Denis Barazna will be the new General Manager of Belarus Airlines. He has previously worked for United Russian Airways and was absorbed into the ATON family with our merger. Afterwards he worked as head of the Rostov base for FlyRuss/Belarus Airlines. Svetlana Valentinovska is currently the General Manager of FlyRuss and head of all Russian operations for the ATON Family. She is the CEO’s right hand.

With the great fleet replacement now fully complete we have kicked our expansion into high gear. FlyRuss has greatly expanded at VKO, KRR, SVX and SVO and more expansion is on the horizon. Our last 737-8s have just been withdrawn and replaced by A320NEOs and A321NEOs.

With a maintenance category freed we have decided to add Canadair Regional Jets (CRJs) to our mainline fleet. It has been a hard decision to make to fly smaller regional jets in our main line fleet but it is a necessary one. Amurair already operates 50 CRJs and they are very beloved by passengers and crew alike. FlyRuss needs these aircraft to complement our A220 fleet in Siberia, around low demand flying at our other hubs and as dedicated express aircraft. While both Amurair and Moscovia operate very destinct operations only at an exclusive hub we need regional jet flying to complement the FlyRuss operation. It would have been an networking nightmare to have a separate carrier operating regional jets intertwined with our mainline flights. Therefore, we have chosen to add them directly to the mainline and operate them side by side with our mainline fleet. Initially we have ordered 100 CRJ700 NextGen and we will take on a further 50 CRJ1000 NextGen. These will allow us to touch a route category which we have previously been weak at which is direct flights between destinations outside of hubs. By flying smaller aircraft catering to direct passengers on routes such as TJM-GOJ or IKT-BAX we will be able to relive congestion on our massively congested hubs such as DME. In the end it’s a win-win for all.

To crew this expansion we will need about 5000 new cabin crew and 2000 new pilots. While we are also retraining the last of our 737 crews to new aircraft. As we are expanding on all fronts we have allowed all 737 crews to freely choose to what category they want to be retrained. The majority have choose to stay in a similar role on the A320 while a couple have chosen the 787 and A220. We carry out global recruitment and have recruitment opportunities on all continents to build our truly global crew.