Founding New Alliance



could you tell me what is a minimum airline age to found an alliance? I'm getting following message:

  •  Your second founding member is not old enough to found an alliance or is already a member of another alliance.


He is a member of other alliance. There is no age limit to my knowledge.


That's the issue - none of them is a member of other alliance and I get this message for all airlines. System bug?


There might be a minimum age, I cannot remember. Perhaps a moderator or support might help.


Well, if there is a minimum age it's only active on some older game worlds. On new game worlds you can start an alliance as soon as you have founded your airline (and have two other co-founder airlines of course).


They all need to be a "Premium-Member".

Trial/Test-Player can not become an alliance member.

As this is nothing regarding cheating :)

server and the name of all airlines involved would be helpful.