Friday, February 10th, 2012

The ATR 42-600 is also available in our test system. Next new ac-model working on is the 747-8F.

The new aircraft data will be available with the next data patch - rough guess within 2 weeks.

The 747-8F is also on the test server now and will be updated on all game server with the next data patch! Next to come the holy 787 ;)

747-8F and 787-8 already ordered… :D

P.S. Can you name a price for those buddys?

249,000,000 for the 8F and 264,000,000 for the -8I

And 787? :P

The 787-8 is now available on the test server too - and it costs 167,000,000 AS$

Next ac-type to come is the SSJ-100

Sooo - the SSJ-100-95 and -95LR are also both loaded on the test server. BUT … like the Embraer Jets, the SSJ has a to high fuel consumption. We are going to check our numbers within the next few days to get a comparible consumption like the CRJ-Jets have. We will keep you informed.

Hmm, bit pricey, will have to offer significant fuel savings to compete with the same size by much cheaper 767 or larger but same price 777-200ER

There is just to say … klick :D

Is that price for the stretched 787-9? Otherwise the price is too high compared to the rest of boeings planes?

Looking at real world prices the 787-8 should only be priced just above the 767-400ER (real world only 3 million difference) if you have you’re pricing it’s 47 million above the 767-400ER? How is that correct? It’s also more expensive than 777’s in the game where as Boeing have placed is significantly below triple seven prices as its in a totally different category?…mercial/prices/


To quote sk from February 11th:

The new price for the 787 will be anywhere around 125-130 million AS$

Can we get some general data of the new planes? Specially smaller ones, like SSJ, AN-148 or ATR-42-600. Cost, versions, passengers…

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, but that’s also a lot of work and we are short of time, so please wait until the data-patch…

For anyone interested. This page with the real list-prices of mostly all planes which could be from interest fell in my hands: Link

what about that "Test Server"?! Is it accessable by regular players?!


And for me? I’m no “regular” player, pretty sure I paid the most of all in the last 3 years for this game! :(

What’s my price? :D

We will see :D

Well, that guess was indeed very "rough"! It 5 days since you announced the data-patch! So, when will you finally get the patch done?