Fuel price and maintenance costs raised due to real world happenings?

I just saw that the fuel price jumped by a staggering 20 ASCent/l up to 85 ASCent/l on Kaitak. I felt that this might be due to happenings in Ukraine. In another feed on this board this possibility has been brought up. As of myself, my new and healthy grown airline in the US will perish due to this as I fly MDs. It’s okay with me if this is a wanted game development but it makes life for new players on old servers even harder.

I don’t want tho whine here. Just want to know if AS is adapting to real world development.

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Yeah, fuel is tied to real world prices. though usually a few weeks behind, so you might know what happens next…

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Thank you! Another thing I found: has maintenance been adapted as well?

Hey :slight_smile: Fuel prices are indeed going up quickly these days - we’ll have to observe this and see how we handle the situation best. And yes, we usually update the prices once they become available, which is usually around Thursday or Friday.

Regarding maintenance - no, there weren’t any adjustments.

I understand your frustration, but there is a reason why airlines operate more modern aircraft in the 21st century. Remember, the name of the MDs is the year they were launched in. So you are flying 30-40 yr old technology. At least you save on leasing fees/buying cost with these old, written off aircraft.

Looking at your Brazilian airline, I see many reasons why it would be struggling, fuel not being the first one of it… You may want to re-think your fleet strategy (or come up with one ^^) -that would help your survival a lot.

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I don’t know what you were watching, but my brazilian arilines works extraordinarily well, has been since 2013.

Another user said correctly that airlines in the real world have strategies to dampen high fuel costs. Those strategies are not possible in AS.

Hey Lena!

In case you didn’t adjust anything concerning maintenance, please take a look at my ticket. There seem to be some issues, I guess.

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Sure, I’m looking into it! :+1:

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7 active fleet groups… that’s going to be hefty on MX.
And this you can easily fix - the fuel price is nothing you can change, butt getting your fleets under control is easy.

Haven’t seen your US airline yet, but if you operate just as many fleets there, that’s your problem with the MX cost.

Good luck either way :slight_smile:

Thanks for your effort :slight_smile:

The maintenance costs due to many fleet groups add by 15 % respectively. The mx costs itself are some 5 % of the income. The addition with four fleet groups above the free limit adds 2,8 % to my overall costs. This is an often discussed topic but in my opinion far too much stressed. Every well working company should gain more than 2,8 % when adding another fleet group and cover this additional mx cost.

You may be right though concerning my American airline. I’ll take a look at it :slight_smile:

I woke up this morning to discover some serious erosion of profit on all routes. I do use old gas guzzler planes (I am just a week old on Yeager). I do wonder if the only way to alleviate this situation would be increasing price? I am lucky in the sense that my domestic flights have no competition. However, the international flights is another matter entirely. I wonder how many players will contemplate increasing ticket price?

Mate, there is a reason planes from the 60s are not around anymore. Those things slurp so much fuel. As long as you are filling them you could just increase prices until loads start dropping. Or you can make your operation more efficient using more efficient planes. Your choice.

That’s not fuel you should worry about, it’s maintenance… I did some tests with a player on the discord a few days ago, full flight on a very profitable us domestic route, 45 y/o plane: maintenance was 4x his REVENUE at above average pricing. not to even mention the other costs. Check your cash flow and analyze your flights…

They’re really nice to play around in, especially at the start of the server, but there is a reason why most airlines on old servers (that were not neglected years ago) aren’t built on old planes…

These are brand new old planes. Sounds and is super strange. Never understood why AS has these scenarios.

On Yeager, the old planes can be purchased new. Yes, maintenance cost is high for some and ok for others. I am well aware of where my cost emanates from. Four days ago, I was hitting a profit of $6500 on certain routes, whereas right now it has decreased to a mere $2900. Maintenance has not changed. the only thing that changed was oil prices.

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Brand new old planes can be purchased in certain worlds because there is a need for different scenarios. Some of us want to experience what it felt to do business with those planes or what it took to fly them . The point is this is a game, not reality and the idea of a game is to have fun.


At least for the future it might be a fun idea to open a game world with something like historic fuel prices. Just a simple algorithm that might still produce fluctuating fuel prices, but on lower levels and with a predetermined minimum and maximum. That way, players that want to experience the challenge of these old aircraft can do so in specific game world(s). And in such a game world also ticket prices and personnel costs can be reduced to 20th century levels.

As much as that would add to realism, as someone who is originally from South America, let us please leave the entire issue of inflation to the real world…

I have to admit, I like it! I like the idea of real world inflation, even if I am taking a serious pounding right now. This is suppose to be a simulator - what is the point pretending to run an airline if you are not subject to the rigours and idiosyncrasies of life? Anyone can set up a schedule, have a full load and kick up their feet! Playing the executive role in an airline means attending to problems and crisis that could both be foreseen and unforeseen! If oil prices gets very bad, some of us who use old planes may be forced to reconsider our options - that is realistic. It is life. I love it!


Hey everyone, thank you for all the input! I already posted this in a related thread, but we decided to share a blog post regarding the recent fuel price development - here’s the link!