Full flight but in loss


I am playing or trying airlinesim over four years on non-regular bases. In beginning I started with B737 but my airlines go relly badly to red numbers. Year ago I started again and this time I choose some Bombardier with 70 something seats and is wat better but still profitable was only 10% of flights.

Now I started with small Embraer ERJ-135ER (36 seats) with hopes that I will be able to fully book almost every flight. But something is "wrong".

My flight from Prague to Budapest is fully booked (36Y PAX) but still I am in loss (margin -5% per this flight). I have default prices, and "budget" service profile. Where is problem? It is due to short distance?

Thank you for your help and tips :)


the type of aircraft you chose is not very competitive when it comes to cost per seat. Also, the short route does indeed mean the aircraft spends way more time on the ground than in the air - and that's the only place aircrafts make money.

since the flight books full, you should raise the prices. also, businessclass usually gives you a better space-profit-ratio, so consider installing business seats.

the EU, in general, is a very competitive market and I do not recommend it if you are new. there are so many great places on ALL servers that you can learn and build a good and profitable airline rather fast. that helps you learn the lessons required to compete in the EU, US, China, etc.

last but not least, giving us the name of the server as well as of your airline makes it just so much easier to actually have a look at your airline...

Thank you for suggestion. i will look for another types of aircraft.

By the way, server name is Hoover and airlines "Flydi"

The traffic demand on Hoover is lower than other servers.

I never managed to make the smaller Embraer's profitable.  Although I have 200+ E195's which make a healthy profit, anything smaller seems hard to make any $$$.

​I dont consider using smaller planes now, they are just hard work.  The Q400 is your best bet if you really want to.