Grapich bug on route page

Hi there!

Since last week Im experiencing a weird problem with my AS page. I tried with 3 different browsers (Safari, Firefox and Chrome) and the problem exists in all of them.

The issue is that the line where you can move the toddler for price adjustment is not displaying, so I lost the reference for new routes to see how I am respect to the standard fare.

Any ideas what is causing this? Is it happening to anyone else?

I have my flash updated to last version and also the browsers, my OS is Mac 10.8.


The default price is a recommendation, not a statistical midpoint. What matters is your pricing relative to competitor prices, and your pricing compared to passenger loads.

I don’t encounter the same problems with OSX 10.7, with all flash content blocked by browser addons. (Flash content creates a good deal of heat, and I’d rather not burn my lap with my laptop). Try clearing the browser caches, although I’m not sure it will work. Or command-shift-reload the pages.

I tried deleting the cache, but still the same result. It is strange that happens the same with the 3 browsers and the 2 airlines I manage. I am totally puzzled.

Probably it's the problem of your Mac OS. Try to use devices like iPad or other tablets to solve the problem.

It must be that, because yesterday I got the site right for some times, but again this morning I have the same problem... there must be some issue with the browsers as well or some sites with flash content that I visit and block the AS site. No idea...

If I get something like this on windows, I reset the Internet Explorer settings (settings > advanced tab). Is there something similar for your browser? This would almost certainly fix the issue…