Ground services/airplane transfer

i’m new and wan to know about how to hire ground services. also how long does it take for an airplane to transfer. i purchsed a crj200er form auction and it was in africa and i’m transfering it to San Diego

Welcome to Airlinesim!

Hiring custom ground services are not required to start your airline, though they can provide a small boost to your ORS ratings for flights departing from that airport. Airlinesim provides ground services for every airport, rated three bars, but some airlines will build their own custom ones at select airports. To hire those particular ones, you’ll either need to sign the contract they have open or reach out to them to see if they have room. Then you’ll need to move your flights to depart from that terminal in your station page.

The plane will transfer in real time of flying, if there are pilots assigned to the aircraft. You can check the progress of the flight in the Flights tab of the aircraft, which you can access by going to Fleet Management, and selecting the icon with three lines.

Please feel free to ask if you need anything else! Best of luck!