Hard to make a successful company in unknow territories (Suggestions? / Help)

Hi guys,

I’ve been playing AS for a few years now but I still struggle in certain aspects of the game. I was looking for a topic regarding this subject, but couldn’t find it - if you do know any that can help me, I would appreciate if you could share it below.

I do know the basics, and I can in fact make a successful company, but only in Brazil. I mean, I’m brazilian and it’s really easy to tie the knots and identify the best routes in my country but when it comes to exploring and trying new opportunities, in other contries, I tend to always fail.

So far, I have tried to Open the Country tab and identify the highest ranked airports nearby, also, google for some famous routes, and also, use common sense on countries I have some knowledge of. Unsucessfuly.

I would appreciate if other players could help me with some light in this question. Any suggestions on how to try new approaches and identify possibly successful routes are welcome.


Connections connections connections.
More on a private message if you are interested.