Help! I don't want a standard cabin configuraion

I just started a brand new holding and enterprise, chose my base, my cities,ordered some planes, set up the catering, went to set the cabin configuration and - what’s happened? I can’t add any cabin configurations - I just get this lousy Ryanair-style seating. I realize this has been provided as a help for newbies, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to change these configuration or add new ones. :ph34r: I can’t even delete the standard configurations - it says “At least one aircraft still using this configuration”.

How can I get to configure the cabins?

First, you can turn of these new features in your account- or enterprise-settings if you do not wish to use them.

After that’s done you can of course add new seating configurations or service profiles and assign them instead of the defaults. You can also delete the defaults as soon as they are not in use anymore.

Am I wrong when I say you can set the standard just for one seating configuration for ALL available for any aircraft type? Or am I doing something wrong? It seems to be very useless when you can just set it for one aircraft type…

Of course you should be able to set a default for each type. If that’s not possible, you’ve most likely found a bug. Please double-check.

Ran into the same problem actually… Will file it in a moment:

I have 2 types: 737-700 BGW and 737-900ER BGW. When I set the one to be default, the other loses the default status.

edit: just noticed that after clicking this ‘set as default’ link and then leaving the page, the game appears to have forgotten that I set the config as default. The link to set it as such re-appears.

I just realized one thing that threw me - the planes are on order but not yet delivered. On the old system you could only configure and hence display cabin configurations for planes that are in your possession.

Now, the planes are configured before they arrive. I suppose I should have thought of turning the options off before I ordered any planes.

Assuming the planes get delivered and that I then configure them the way I want, will I be able to delete these default configurations?

BTW although the heading says "AirlineSim Forums> English> Community Support" I’m seeing this forum in German.

Go to the very end of any page and pick English (USA), just right of IP.Board.

Now, to the topic - I noticed that planes come with a default config. That’s a no problem. If I set a new default config, will the new planes come with that configuration of seats?

And - is is supposed to work this way? -> I can change seats for free in a new AC

To the first question: in theory, yes, but I don’t know if the bug I mentioned above may mean that this doesn’t work as intended at the moment.

To the second question: I’m not sure. I’d have to wait for my new aircraft to be delivered before I could tell you either way. I’m guessing though that the ‘default’ config that is installed is at no additional charge, and as such can be removed ‘for free’ (as before, you’d need to pay for the new config you want to install).

Had a chance to see what happened:

My aircraft got delivered without a cabin config, despite the option that says to use the default is enabled. This, if nothing else, confirms there’s a problem setting a default cabin config at the moment (though it should already be fixed for the next patch).

As such, I can’t answer the other questions that are open yet, because the system doesn’t work correctly yet at this time.