Help understand the balance sheet?

Hello all.  I have a quick question about the balance sheet.  It's a feature that I've never really understood or looked at in over two years of playing.  What is the time frame on it?  Also, under balance sheet, I see the flight equipment.  I'm assuming that's seats?  If so, how do I sell all of the seats to get that money back?  Also, I see all of the money I have tied up in security deposits.  I have more than this, but hypothetically say I have 1,000,000 in security deposits and canceled all of my leased aircraft... would I get that full 1,000,000 back?  Any other tips or advice on getting the most use/information out of the balance sheet?

time frame: no time frame but status quo. However, the mentioned profit is the changes relative to the last weekend closing

flight equipment: you are correct. those are the seats. you can not sell them (you might be able to use them in a future version of AS). since they have to show in the balance somewhere, 700 is where they go.

security deposit: yes, when returning all leased aircrafts, you will receive it all back. the standard lease rate still applies on due date.

personally, I never had much use for that either.

btw, the concept "balance sheet" is a standardized thing. Explanations can be found in any economics book, .... or on wikipedia.

The balance sheet is a simplified accounting statement that puts your assets and liabilities on a single page for easy reference by someone looking over the rest of your financial statements. The in-game version combines the actual balance sheet with the profit/loss statement. The timeframe on the P/L statement is the current accounting week which is timed to your weekly closing. The balance sheet is from the moment of incorporation for your enterprise until now.

Account 700, also known as ‘Flight equipment’, contains the book value of seats installed, as well as the book value of any aircraft that you own. The game does not have the ability to ‘sell’ seats to recover some of the value yet, so when you replace or remove seats from your aircraft, they are written off entirely. If you own aircraft, you can sell the aircraft to recover some/all of the book value, but that is entirely dependant on whether someone will purchase the plane.

Security deposits are an escrow account. If you cancel the lease on an aircraft, your deposit will be refunded at the end of the aircraft’s leasing week. However, you will receive the deposit less the week’s leasing payment, in lieu of receiving back the entire deposit and making a separate payment for the rent.

Unless you have some background in accounting, the balance sheet and P/L statement won’t have much use for you. All of the information that you truly need is on the Income statement. The only line that you need to pay attention to is Account 3000 ‘Equity’, because you need a minimum amount of equity to subscribe to an IPO or to take out an unsecured loan.