Help with logo


Is there anybody that can help me make a logo :-)


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I would say that there are some people who might help. BUT: I am (again) missing a nice "please".

In this case, I would not create a logo for you.

I am pretty much a Newbie but am struggling like heck with my logo. I have created one and submitted it about 10 days ago but I have no idea what I do next. Do I need to contact somebody or better still can anybody please help me get a logo that will be approved? I would be very grateful for any help or advice on this matter.

Thanks in anticipation.

Can you please help me make a big and a small logo:-)

Kind Regards

@Karim111 please do not create multiple threads asking for the same thing. I have deleted your other

I could also need some help with the logos for my airline “les ailes caraibes” on xiguan. The colours of that airline should be purple and black (and possibly white). Can you help?


Sorry for that:-)
I am sorry , please i need help:-)
And thanks for taking the time to reply :_)

Hi Again
Is there anyone who can help me with Logo to my airline.
Thanks for replying:-)