Help with ticket prices


How am I able to see my competitors ticket prices?


Two solutions:

  1. Commercial - Network Planning - Market Analysis
  2. Database - Online Reservation System
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Ah, thanks for the help!


Your competitors tickets prices are not the only factor to get more costumers than them.

Most important is the ORS

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Yes and laolun91 says in his post - ORS is really the important consideration. You can have the lowest price per seat and still not get any passengers if you overall product is not as good as a more expensive alternative. Currently the game does not simulate the demand for low price tickets as such trying to set up an actual ULCC is not possible. It has been hinted at that they were working on booking classes but they have advised that it was very complicated.

Make sure that you check out your competitors ORS vs yours and look at your flight rating tab to see the individual things that make up your overall score. Price is just one of many factors - from seat, to workers, terminal, plane type/age, on board service etc…

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