Holding other companies

I have a company, because it is the holding company, not listed.

Can I set up another holding company, it’s listed subsidiaries.

Then the first company to transfer of shares, so that the first company to holding this company?


I am not sure I understand your question exactly, but… it is not allowed to do any sort of business between two holdings (and their subsidiaries) if they are owned by the same player.


A seperate holding will cost you an additional 2 credits a day.

I’m also not sure what you want to do… but you CAN NOT list a holding company, only subsidiaries of holding companies.

You can also purchase shares (and eventually buy out) other airlines via either your holding or your subsidiaries. You will not be able to buy out another holding company because it will not be listed on the stock exchange.

Because I had been playing for three months, but because it is the holding company, it is not listed. This has cost me about $ 26

So I think if you can then add a holding company, to make it to market by the first company to holding it.

I used Google translator, I am sorry may be expressed without