Holdings and Subsidaries

If I created a new Airline as a holding enterprise, could I in effect open up a subsidary of it without the parent holding having any aircraft or flights? Im not entirely sure what the benefit would be if any though?

And how do Interlinings work with subsidaries? Are they only effective between subidaries or the parent company?

Thanks in advance.

You can create a Holding and then immediately a daughter company in that holding. The holding does not need to have any aircraft.

When you first create a holding, then you can later do an IPO with your daughter company. If you don't create a daughter company, you can't have an IPO.

The interlinings only affect the company that has accepted an interlining. Sister and other group companies are not affected unless the agree on the interlining as well.

Yes, most players have this so that they can list their subsidiary on the stock exchange. No need for an interlining just a waste of money if the parent does not have any flights.

OK...some more questions on this topic.

1. Can you have mulptile subisidaries in different countries (and Im not talking about cargo here). I noticed one airline was running different passengers airlines in different countries under the same holding. Although I notice in one of the subidaries, they had majority shares - is this only possible through buying out more than 50% of the shares? Or can you straight off start another subsidary elsewhere.

2. If I create a holding, then transfer all my money to a subsidary at the start of my airline, is the only way to actually run a different company (from directly under my holding or from a new subsidary) to purchase an aircraft and transfer it? Ie. how do I actually get any money  to the parent holding or new subsidary to enable me to lease?

Thanks in advance.

1. You can have subsidiaries in unrestricted countries or in the same country as your holding is based to.

2. You can create either a sub. from your holding or from one of your subs. If you transfer all money from your holding to your first sub then the only possibility to "return" money to the holding company is your sub is buying a plane (without loan!) and return it to the holding which can sell it to the sub and so on and so on. The other possibility is to create a sub not from your holding but your first subsidiary.

Just to clarify point 1: you can start a subsidiary anywhere, but you will only get passenger traffic rights for that country if the subsidiary is in an "open investment" country, otherwise your holding's traffic rights will apply.

Thanks, Bobb, for clarifying.

Not sure if this is the right place to post!

If you in the beginning of the game create a subsidary, transfer all the money to that subsidary from the parent, how (if it is possible) can you create a new subsidary in the future, under the same parent?

How can money be transfered back in the enterprise chain?

Should you not transfer all money to the subsidary, and then when u list the subsidary, you use the remaining cash in the parent to buy the IPO, and money will go back in the enterprise chain and you could in the future create a new subsidary?

Not sure if this made any sence, sorry 'bout that. ANd if this is the wrong palce to post it, where can I find the information I need?

If your airline is not listed, you can buy an aircraft and transfer between holding and the airline to transfer money (transfer without compensation, then sell back to the airline). if it's listed, well, you will get a regular payroll anyway

On the topic of transfer without compensation from a sub to another sub, one of my sub is still a small airline so I outright bought an airplane using my bigger airline, fitted it with seats and stuffs, and outright transfer to my small sub, somehow the seats magically disappeared during the transfer. Is it a bug or is that the way it is in Airlinesim? I'm just wondering lol

This is the way things happen. The new client has to buy new seats.

Every time you transfer, buy or sell aircraft, the seats are removed.

Add 1 more point to the ridiculous hub-sub interaction in the game.

I see, thanks for the clarification. I thought the one who responsible for transferring my aircraft stole all the seats lol

I thought the one who responsible for transferring my aircraft stole all the seats lol

That is also a good explanation :D.

I have a holding in SCL,Chile and want to found a subsidiary in VVI,Bolivia. I assume i can fly with my subs planes between Bolivia and to/from Chile. Can i fly with my subs planes to other countries? eg VVI-LIM.

A sub in Bolivia has no traffic transportation rights…

You can fly to or from Chile everywhere you want. Also to Bolivia - which might be better than a sub in Bolivia. :slight_smile:

Ok so there is not a way to fly domestic in Bolivia.


No but as no airline is flying domestic in Bolivia, you can grab as many passengers there from Chile.