Holiday Replacement

Please post your holiday replacements here. We would like to point out the following quote from the game rules:

What is an holiday replacement? Does this mean no credit will be deducted during the holiday?

Nope, it just means someone else will take care of your account.

Yes, and when someone takes care of your account, we need to be informed. Otherwise it could happen, that you get accused of Multi-Account-Usage, which is forbidden by game rules.

User BIKF is going to take care for my account (including airline Canadian Commuter) until 05. of july


Im on a semester abroad so my account is being looked after by my alliance partners. greetings



daniel_ba will take care of my account till next week


I’ll be keeping an eye on American International (Croydon) for a couple of weeks while BarbulaM1 concentrates on learning how to fly actual planes (and on getting yelled at by sailors, I guess, since it’s a Navy thing!)

Wedding Replacement:

User: ljrtc

IP:,IP for VPN:


Will use my account during the preparation of my wedding until June 20th

Sorry for the bothering :)

Congratulations, but you have to name one and a period until the replacement will be done!

User Ryanairpilot95 will replace me from 30th june untill 21st of july in server fornebu.

I will be on holiday from 25 Jul to 28 Aug. Will be accessing Airline Sim from Pakistan, so there will be a change in IP address.


I will manage "London" account on Gatow till the 31th october

See you

I am going on holiday for 30 days. Noone will manage my account, but I will login from very different locations like UK, Peru, Ecuador and USA. So my IP adress might be different from time to time.

adamchin will replace me (Inter Galactic holding) during my holiday from 10th to 27th January on Aspern server.


User Trebor05 will make a holiday replacement for my Airline "Travel Lines" on the server Gatow from the 17th Jan till 12th Feb.

Thank you


Tripple 8810 / Travel Lines

User stuart2468 will take over the holding French Mediterranean Air from patchett on server Devau from Sunday 10 August until Friday 29th August.

Wait, are you not allowed to play the game while abroad? 

that seems a bit excess isn't it?

Of course, you are