Holiday Replacement

Of course, you are

Why do you need this then? (or is it just for people who don't have access to the internet?)

Those that don't have or want to access the internet while on holdiay

From the game rules:

Every holiday replacement has to be announced at the airlinesim board under specification of both usernames (player and replacement), server, dates of start and end. The maximum duration/time frame of a holiday replacement cannot exceed 28 days. After a holiday replacement, it is not allowed to announce a new replacement within 28 days. During a holiday replacement, it will not be allowed to trade shares and planes between the replacement player's account and the account(s) he/she is taking care of.

There are rules against account sharing and having/operating multiple accounts, as a different login bypasses the anti-cheating mechanisms for company interactions. Posting here notifies the admins that someone else will be playing your account for a temporary period, and helps ensure that neither player gets banned like these people were.

Isn’t it dangerous to give someone your account?

Maybe he’s evil!))

User Nathan93 will take over the holding French Mediterranean Air from patchett on server Devau from Monday 3rd November until 22nd November.


I will be going on vacation to Sweden in a few days and I am not 100% sure about the internet access at my destination. Could be my phone will work nicely (or a 4G wireless stick) Could also be they won't. I had fiber installed last year (in the middle of the woods - sic!) but when I go now I need to get a provider and the actual hardware etc. So not sure when that arrives either. 

Can I inform about a holiday replacement here for the entire duration and then end it early if I do get internet?

Also anything to worry about in regards to me accessing from different IPs on the way (ie. parents place on the way, friends in DK on the road etc. and then in sweden might be several IPs on phone / 4g / new fiber internet?) 

Thanks in advance for your answers


Best Regards from Hamburg,


CEO of South Beach Air @MIA, Riem

it's not a problem to log in from as many IPs as you like. It only looks suspicious if the same IP address accesses multiple accounts. But even that isn't usually a problem if it only occurs once (like being at a friend's place who also plays AS).

the real issue the AS team is after is that two holdings controlled by the same player do not interact.


I would like to announce a holiday replacement.

South Beach Air out of MIA on Riem (User: nhb1986) will be covered by 

Blue Atlantic (User: RowanS) from Today 20.03.2015 until 07.04.2015

This is subject to change if/when I can access the internet at my vacation destination.



CEO of South Beach Air

hi, I'm in bussines trip from Yogyakarta to Jakarta so maybe access my account Celeritas airindo in Idlewild server with different IP address until monday.

holiday replacement:

server: Ellinikon

user: BradleyLawlor

will manage: Lords Group

effective: 20/04/2015 - 17/05/2015

This is not a holiday announcement but rather information that since yesterday I have had to be using a public proxy to (sometimes) connect to AS as my ISP is having some intermittent routing issues. The most likely IP address would be 66.23.*.* via Interserver New Jersey. This announcement is made in case some other player uses the same proxy company.

User bcavalini will replace me on server Riem from 27th July till 16th August

Player bcavalini will replace me on the game world Riem from 02/09/2015 to 02/10/2015 


I am in roaming so I will be using Google (Chrome) and Opera data saving mode, meaning my traffic will be routed through Google and/or Opera servers.

Off-Topic ... ?

Not off topic because somebody else may be using data saving mode on Opera or Chrome browsers and they may be listed with the same IP address, as such traffic passes through Opera and Google proxy servers respectively.

JonaL will take care of my account, ZombieSlayer and FlyZombie, in Idlewild from February 22nd to February 29th.

I will be travelling around the world for the next 3 months (around the world in 90 days), and will probably acces AS from multiple different IP adresses.

As I still think the AS team is a bunch of poor guys who can't admit to their mistakes I'm giving my shit here for 28 days to somebody else to see if the whole thing should be scapped or whatever.

Account: Syriana

Account vacation deputy poor guy who must go through my shit: matth

Server: Whatever, Idlewind or something like that

Duration: FOREVER, but limited to 28 days starting tomorrow southern Mongolian time.