how can make the passenger boarding in extension flight?

My route Hong Kong HKG -> Shan Hai SHA -> Bejing PEK, how can make passenger on board in SHA?

what is the homecountry / homeairport of your holding ?

His homebase is HKG

So, to answer the question: No, you can´t, you don´t have passenger transportation rights on a flight from SHA to PEK

that’s why i want to know it

how to have the right?

found a holding on mainland china, there is no other possibility with an airline in HKG

how to find the holding of china? do you mean Hong Kong airlines are ruled that they cannot have extension flight? so no boading on the middle station?

Dear Cellist,

this game is fairly realistic, and many real life rules also apply in the game. Like, a US airline can only transport passengers within the US, and between other countries and the US. A US based airline is not allowed to transport passengers from Mexico to Brazil.

If you are based outside China, you can schedule a flight that lands in Shanghai on it’s way to Peking… but you can only unload passengers in Shanghai. Passengers can buy a HKG-SHA ticket or a HKG-PEK ticket, no SHA-PEK ticket. On the return flight passengers can book a PEK-HKG ticket or a SHA-HKG ticket, but not a PEK-SHA ticket.

There are exceptions in cases where countries have made special agreements, but that’s the general rule. I recommend you read the Wiki.


oh dear thank you. Now I understood that is a rule bounded.

你就看看Cathay Pacific 的时间表。 Cathay 在中国大陆里面没有交通权利。他们时间表里面不能找到中国国内航行。 他们只允许进行 HKG-PEK, HKG-SHA, HKG-RUH, 等等。 在Airlinesim里面这是因为香港和澳门都是特别行政区, 有自己的交通权利。

明白了吗? :)

English: If you take a look at Cathay’s flight plan, you can see the structure of traffic rights as modeled in Airlinesim. Cathay doesn’t “own” any traffic rights for domestic flights within Mainland China. they may only conduct flights such as HKG-PEK, HKG-SHA, HKG-RUH. This is because of the “special administration zones” Hongkong and Macao, which are treated just like countries, possessing their own traffic rights.

And just the other way around: Cathay may NOT conduct flights as following: PEK-HGH, PEK-RUH, PEK-SHA-HKG but may conduct PEK-HKG-RUH!


HKG and Macau have only got direct flight…this is talked to be a right?

对的。 中国大陆航空公司不能进行从香港去日本、 澳门、 台湾岛、 等等 的飞行。 他们不能进行去国外飞行,除了去中国大陆的。

Right. Mainland Chinese companies will not be able to operate flights from Hongkong to Japan, Taiwan, Macao and so on. They’ll only be able to serve mainland China from HKG.