How do i start selling tickets?


I started an airline

I have plains, stations a good schedule and plains flying between places. But i do not see any money comming in.


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I am not sure what server you are playing but I always suggest new peoples read this post:

It provides an overview of how to start and set things up.

If your planes are flying empty or not flying it could be for a couple of reasons:
1 - do they have seats ?
2 - are they flying routes that are too long/far to actually carry passengers
3 - did you activate your schedule - * this one is often for new peoples at the bottom of the schedule screen you have to select activate or activate 3 days if valid your routes will then appear green(ish) depending on your monitor and eyesight
4 - are you flying in a highly competitive airport ie: did you start in London Heathrow on an older server where there is already a guy/gal with 5,000 flights ?

Take a read through that blog/post and see if anything in there or what i wrote helps.

Never be afraid to “restart or liquidate” it can take many tries to get an airline off and running.

The other thing new people often do is lease large widebody jets and try to fly international routes on day 1 - it works for some of the ‘experts’ who play this game but most of us it is going to lead to frustration and bashing of the head on desk - always build up your domestic market - select planes that are most efficient for your initial routes. Try to stick to one brand/class of plane ie: if you pick the A220s then just use those to start dont get 1 A220 , 1 737, 1 E90 and 1 CRJ its more expensive to run an airline with multiple plane types/classes the narrowbodies/regional jets are your bread and butter to start…find one group you like and stick to it :slight_smile:

Again welcome…I hope I was able to help



thx! I choose London and Alicante, My server is GOTW


When did you schedule the planes? Did you activate the flight plans, did you hire crew and are seats installed? Where is your holding based?


Yeah, you also might need to reconsider your name. Look at the naming rules - you can’t call yourself WOW Air as that is an airline that existed in real life.


And the server most likely will be Gatow. Not Gotw.