How does aircraft ordering work?


If I ordered 2 of the 144hr tu-204 does that mean it just delivers one in a week or both in a week?

If I place an order today and another order tomorrow could I receive 1 a day starting in a week?


Go to your fleet management page and you will see the delivery times of both (and all future) planes.
It will take 6 days to build 1 TU-204. One after the other.


First TU-204 will be delivered 144 hours after you placed the order. Second will be delivered 144 hours after the first one, or in other words 288 hours afer you placed the order.

When you order a third one this machine will delivered after 432 hours.

You can check this yourself. There is a page showing machines on order and the delivery times.

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60 TUs? Oh yes - you have to wait for ages. 6 x 60 = 360 days, more than 1 year.


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