How does pricing work?

Hi guys so I am back from a lengthy hiatus from AS. Back in my days the default pricing were like this:
Business = 3 x Econ
First = 5 x Econ
Cargo = 0.6 x Econ

It was a linear model but nowadays the pricing model doesn’t seem linear anymore. On short haul flights the default price for Business class could be less than 2 x Econ and First class less than 3 x Econ, and on longer flights Business is above 2.5 x Econ and First class going 6 x Econ. While cargo is a pretty consistent 0.9 x Econ.

So my question is, how does the pricing model work? It seems that the function lies with distance of the flight. Is there an equation that allows us to determine the multiplier accurately based on distance?

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Hi, welcome back! I don’t have a pricing formula at hand, unfortunately, but I’ll forward this to the team to see if we can provide any further details. This might take about two weeks due to vacation times - hope that’s okay :slight_smile:

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welcome back :wave:

standard pricing is still linear and approx.
Cargo = distance in km * 0.035 AS$ + 64.5 AS$
Econ = distance in km * 0.06 AS$ + 74.5 AS$
Business = distance in km * 0.16 AS$ + 124.5 AS$
First = distance in km * 0.32 AS$ + 174.5 AS$


It also depends on the game world. There are a couple of different pricing models in use in older game worlds. That said, all new game worlds of the past years use a linear model.