How is the new ORS?

After learning some lessons from my first profitable airline, I’m considering starting a new one in a new world soon. I was wondering how the new ORS system is? Is it easy to run more realistic configurations of leisure and standard seats? Does price play a noticeably bigger role?

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nobody who want´s to explain a bit?

I’d be interested in hearing that as well

Amazingly quiet about that game world indeed. I’d be curious too as I’m not playing there.

I play in Yeager. And I won’t say any.

Incredibly useful post. :man_facepalming:t2:


From my observations the changes have done what was expected. Seating configs are now much more dense and as such passenger throughput per slot increased. I can comfortably fly Leisure seats on a 4.000km flight from JFK to LAX and compensate with price but I don’t have to if my network is good enough. Standard seats to the Caribbean (2.500km) also no issue. I also do not stuff my aircraft with additional flight attendants and keep the onboard service reasonable.

What I tried to replicate probably compares to the average real world network carrier.


Some more observations for those who are interested:

Two routes, ORS rating compared:

For Y class:
JFK-BOS 290km, 757, leisure seats, standard price, basic service: 35/82 score
JFK-SYR 368km, 737-9HGW, HD Slimline, 20% below standard price, basic service: 51/99 score

For C class:
JFK-BOS, recliner shorthaul, roughly 10% over standard price, basic service: 40/79 score
JFK-SYR, 737-9HGW, comfort, roughly 10% below standard price, basic service: 33/86 score

This really surprised me. I was sceptical as to how much I could make up for the “lesser seat” with price.

For Y class it seems you could build a solid airline with HD seating, as both connection rating and direct rating turn out rather well. Might have to scale down to smaller airplanes when competition increases or the game world matures overall.

For C class the case is not so clear. The space distribution on most airplanes for comfort seats is terrible, on the other hand the higher price on the recliner shorthaul flight would not really make up in rating for sacrificing a seat row in Y class. This seems to be more a case by case / airplane by airplane kind of problem. Lots of room for testing.

At this point I would like to endorse the option to configure seat type, seat pitch and width individually. I would be willing to sacrifice image points for an added seat row and add more customization options. The new ORS really endorses diversity in this regard.

Now profitability comes mostly down to how cheap you can get the aircraft. The 757 (204 seats overall) in the case above is dirt cheap (34k per week), while the 737-9 (210 seats overall) is factory new at list price. Both bring in a 20% margin on the respective flights.

The ratings on the small seats should be no different to other servers.
It’s just the big seats that don’t get any positive ratings for big dollars.

Just checked: a HD-seat scores the same rating as a Recliner on the same route and at the same price. On old servers, you can raise the price for the latter wayway higher and still score a great rating. This is no more which is great.
Now wouldn’t this be a temp world…

I’m sure there’s going to be an outcry, but…

Can’t we install this feature on old servers? I run a huge airline with 1300+ aircrafts, but as I think it makes the game much more interesting and probably more competitive, I accept the changes. So should every other player who really wants to play and manage his airline.

I’m torn about this.

Some of my airlines simply couldn’t exist in such setup. Others easily could but would crush quite a few small competitors when tripling the capacity in just a few days.