How often are the aircraft leasing list updated? =/ Dash8

Is it just me or am I the only one who can’t see any Dash8 being put up for lease?

I spotted one of the other user who started around the same time as I did who managed to lease 6 Dash8s.

However for the past few days since I started I haven’t seen a single Dash8 being put up for lease.

Can somebody enlighten me? :wacko:

If you started 3 or 4 days ago and get 1 Q400 every 15 hours (new ordered leased) then you could get 6 or 7 Q400s


i´m not on Meigs anymore, but this is pobably because all used Dash are allready leased out.

This is quite simple, they didn´t wait for used Dash to be leased out, they just ordered new ones, wich you can to too.

go to:

Manufacturers / Dash8 / Bombadier Dash8-Q400A / Order new aircraft, select quantity first, then klick on ´request quotation´ / set mark at: Leasing purchase and klick on: place order


RIGHT. THATS WHY =) ahaha.

I didn’t realise that you could order new lease =/ great! thanks so much for the info!

oh and… how long would it take for the lease to be available if i chose to request quotation for a new lease? Would the security deposit be deducted from my account first or?

The security deposit is deducted immidiately, planes are available after they are produced, see ´Aircraft model details´ for production rate of each plane.

Dash8-Q400 is 12 hours, so you would get your fist dash after 12 hours, the second after 24 hours and so on.


if you order more than one plane please note.

  • Leasing rates are paid weekly after the delivery time of each plane, not the time you´ve ordered them

  • You will get a discount if you order 5 or more planes, starting at 1% if you order 5 planes and going up to 5% if you order 50 planes or more.

Thanks again for the insightful reply! bumped up your reputation point there