How to create a Logo, Large and small?

Hey, So I am new to this thing and well I want a logo to go w/ my company but I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO CREATE ONE! Can someone please help?!?!?!


Your question is a bit overly generic.

To create a logo, you’ll need the following:

  • A graphics application, anything from Paint (ships with any Windows version), GIMP (freeware, ) to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (expensive, but great stuff)

  • Some imagination and preferably a sense of aesthetics ;)

  • The ability to stick to the standards: small logo: 120 x 23 pixels ; large logo: 300 x 100 pixels, not more than 30kb in size. Saving images in .png format has been proven to work well.

The rest is up to you. Learn to work with your application, so you can create shapes, forms, colored spaces and fit some writing to it (e.g. your airlines name :P )

Or you could use online logo makers. You just have to choose a template and edit it. Lot’s of them are free.

Or you ask me and I create a logo for you!:rolleyes:

did like hours after posting this! LOL FAIL on my part!


My name is Alex and I managing "SOLARIS Sperjet" at Stampleton server. Please , could you help to creat small logo for my airline . Ask me what i would have if you have time to creat it for me. Thanks !!!

Hello my name is Luca and I am the president of Canada Airlines in Nicosia servers … I do not have a lot of imagination … anyone of you I can create logos for my company? thank you very much

Tanay is making them, go to his topic called Need Logos and give him your info and he’ll do it for free. He made mine and he’s pretty good at it.

I am new to airlinesim, just bought my first credits, and I am already a fan!

I created my logo, large and small. My large logo uploaded no problem.

My small logo won’t upload… Even when I make it as small as 17 x 4 pixels and <1KB.

Any advise?


for the small logo you must have EXACTLY 120x23 Pixel

That’s helpful. Thank you.

Anyone looking to do it easily and simply themselves can with MS paint, theres a resize option which lets you set the exact pixels, so 300x100 and 120x28, make sure you unclick lock aspect ratio though.

that should read 300x100 and 120x23 I believe.


Like Picnik. Search up Picnik on Google and you’ll find it.

P.S. How do you put your airline at the bottom with your signature?

Or if you want a proper one ask me

look in the general forums under the thread need logos


I was wondering if you could create me a small logo 120 pixels X 23 pixels for my airline: American Southeast Airways. If you could do it soon, that’d be great. I’m new at this. Thanks!

Is it really "Sperjet"? Just trying to figure out whether its a "u" or a "m" missing…

EDIT: shame on me, i just saw that the post is more than half a year old

Can i have a logo for my airline FlyUk in blue and red like this: FlyUk please


hey guys, I'm new to airlinesim and my company is growing day by day so I'm thinking on creating my own logo. 120x23 and 300x100 pixel logo. My company name is FireFlyz so can anybody help me design a logo for me please? Thank you :)