How to fit flights into tight slots

If you fly between locations with lots of full slots, you have probably encountered the problem of how to schedule flights from A to B and back again so that the holes in the slots line up. Not to mention the problem whether you can operate the same schedule on seven days , as well as keeping the dead time waiting on the ground to a minimum.

I was thinking of dumping the slot tables into an Excel chart to try to work out some way to automate it.

Has anyone worked out some good tricks already?

of course you can do that with excell and for some concepts a method like this is necessary ( if you have to mind departure or arrival waves , or nighttime bans) . I tried it once to do it with excell but to be honest … trial and error maybe frustrating sometimes … but with the currently quite easy sheduling system it is much faster than any advanced experiments .

But of course if someone has a working excell “programm” I want it too ;)

I can see how a macro command may work for this, but looking at how much data you would have to enter into excel manually, the time efficiencies would be defunct. I reckon it is just quicker to have the slots open in different tabs and go Ctrl+Tab to switch between them.