How to repair your aircraft?

I am relatively new to Airlinesim.

I have set up my airline on "Meigs", at Trondheim, Norway.

But despite having a service ratio of between 200 and 300%, my planes will not be repaired. They are now all at around 50%, and therefore, grounded. What do I do wrong? As to the night traffic ban, all my planes stand still between around 2300 and 0600. Supposedly, that should have left plenty of time, to keep the planes in top shape.

Anyone have a suggestion, to what I do wrong?

I also keep losing money, despite my income stats showing greeen numbers. Are not those stats supposed to include ALL costs?

Guess that I have to restart my airline once more now, because of this error/mistake?

And just to clarify. I have been spending quite some time googglong and searching for a solution to this problem, not finding any good answers…

Have you allocated a Maintenance Company?

Normally there is already one maintenance provider pre-selected. But maybe a change to another provider does the job. Since you have 200% maintenance ratio, you can easily switch to one that’s slower but cheaper. Maybe the switch will get these guys working.

Well there are quite a few possibillities to solve the Problem …

First of all … the maintanance company … I prefer to use the avia technik … the otherone is helvetic … both of them are proven to be good and reliable. With Avia i need around 4,5 hrs of maintanance if i do 3 destinations a day so 6 sectors. Aircrafts are maintained when there is ground time of at least 2 or more hours consecutivly. If your aircraft comes in with 80% you will see the improvement only when it is starting the next flight… so in your case at 0600 for example in hte morning. The more sectors you do per day the more maintanancetime is needed. But if you have 100% maintanance level it will be perfect to maintain the Aircraft. if you have an aircraft that is down to 75% it will need some time to bring it back to 100% and if it falls down to 50% It will be grounded and repaired as long as it takes to bring it back to 100%. When you scheduled your new aircraft and activated the schedule with 3 days delay then your aircraft will be showing 100% only when the 1st flight takes place and not before…

Trondheim is not a big airport and you are in for a challange I would guess to have a succesful start there … In general … choose a small aircraft and try to open flights within Norway and later expand to europe. Check your flight rating via the ORS. Have a look at the aircraft type and seating and service level. And have a look what prices your competitors are offering. If your flight is full look at the flight details to see if you make profit. If your flights are full to 100% you can adjust the price … little by little .By doing so you should be able to make some profit. If a flight is not full by at least 90% then think of going to some other destination especially if it is also not making Profit. It takes normally 3 days to see if a route is working or not. You can adjust the Price and/or the Service and wait another 3 days if there is an improvement or not… If not … go somewhere else …

I would think you have a good look in the country where you want to start and check the Airports with 8 or more green bars if there are enough slots to grow your airline… sometimes you still find places where you have good expansion possibillities …from there try to expand your network and build a hub …

Good luck :)


does your flight list show flights that are actually cancelled ? If so, there is a problem somewhere with your maintenance.

If your flight list does not show any flights that have been cancelled, your planes are on the ground because they are waiting for their first flight. And as Benjamin wrote, the new technical condition (100% after maintenance) of your plane only shows when your plane takes off for its next scheduled flight.

Apart from the above, Benjamin gave some helpful hints.


Unfortunately, no planes ever took off again. Their condition remained at around 50%, and they never took up their schedule again… Loosing money day by day, due to planes on ground, airilne is now bancrupt, and I have to restart… :frowning:

Really dont know what I did wrong though… …

Maintanance was set up corectly, as I know…

Well, welll…

Have to restart the airilne again. Hopefully without the game bugs, this time… Money is allready spent, so… Too bad they make the game so complicated

But, thanks for useful replies!


Did you activate the schedule ?

did you assign pilots to your aircraft ?