How to scrap old aircraft under new rules of game?

Hi !
How I can scrap old aircraft . The game is change rules and now no option to sell to game for 10% of value. Ok …what is the way to scrap old aircraft ?
Thank you.

Offer the aircrafts for SELL at 50% and wait 14 days. After 14 days AS will buy them.
The buying process will take 36 hrs. It works! I cleaned up all my leasing companies.

But use SELL only not SELL or LEASE.

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Thank YOU very much for the answer !

I have an aircraft on sale at 50% since 28/3 and it’s still there. :confused:


Can’t understand this. I sold more than 50 very old aircrafts using this method.

You should ask the support.

All the advice here is correct, but apparently in some cases the automatic bid doesn’t work.
We’ll look into this for the next patch.

In the mean time, please contact AS Support if you have aircraft on offer that should be sold already. We’ll manually arrange a bid for you if necessary.

Hi Bobb,

as we play on the same server, and I easily can afford to buy the plane, I have placed a bid on it, so that you can get your money back.

There is clearly a bug in the system, as the plane clearly was listed for 50%.

It doesnt solve the bug, but it gives you your money back.


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: