how to sell Aircraft

Hello All,

I have by mistake bought a/c on credit and it is way to expensive for me so I decided to sell it and lease another instead. My problem is that I have the plane on offer for 2 weeks and nothing is really happening. I have thought the AS company will buy it from me after 14 days? 

Can please anybody help with this? Thank a lot.

You have to offer it for 10% price. Then AS will buy it back after two weeks

10%? In that case, I rather use it.. :)

I have put one aircraft on sell today but would like to retrieve it back, how can this be done? The a/c is now as inactive ("on offer" status) so I cannot operate with it, nor changing the sell price should I wish to.

Thank you.

Go to plane market - your offers and cancel the offer.

This is actually quite a complicated action and every time I do it it takes quite a time to think of how to do weirdly.

How do I actually put it on the market?

In the "Operations - Fleet Management" page click on the green button.