How to Start a Flight?

Now that all planes have been delivered to my area, none of my flights is even flying to the flight plan. Any suggestions?

Flying to the flight plan…?
Have you activated the flight plan? Pilots assigned? Maintenance provider and breaks?

Start reading and watching tutorials. Then your planes will follow your flight plan.

All of that assigned.

Flight plan… check
Pilots… check
Maintenance… check

I seem confused, but I will check the tutorials. Thx

Are all flighplans green? When did you activate the flight plans and do you see the flights? It takes 3 days if you have activated with that option.

The flight plan can be seen here (it is yellow)

Yellow means NOT activated.
Green would be activated.

Got it. Thx!

And I have to write here as required …

I personally don’t recommend you to have that much of grey area. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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